Sunday, October 08, 2006

Picture of Me

Hi. This me breaking two boards. I'm going to fix it because it's sideways. However, I don't have time right now. Sempai Tony, the professional photographer, took this picture. My hair was all pretty because I had my hair trimmed.


supergroup7 said...

Nice picture.. you look very different in this one as compared to the boxing video.

Were you testing for a belt?

lizzie said...

Nope. Chinen Sensei wanted to get pictures of the green belts breaking boards. If you looke very closly, you can see little splinters of wood flying.

lizzie said...

How do I look different supergroup?

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this photo. It all action and has the feeling of a great story. My photos are always blurry and don't really give the sense of drama. I'd love to link you page to mine since we appear to have a common educational heritage (Chinen). Let me know.