Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Going back to train at the dojo has crossed my mind. However, I know that I’m never going there again. I know that I miss the people and the training. However, I don’t want to go back because of Sensei Chinen. My relationship with him and my Sempai won’t be the same again. I’ve been still posting about my old dojo because that’s the only karate related thing to post about. I did once idolize Sensei Chinen because he was my Sensei. I also once idolized my Sempai when I started. Now, I don’t anymore because of what happened.

I have been thinking about why I train. I went to a dance class last night at my church last night. It wasn’t very disciplined and I was getting lost because the teacher didn’t take it step by step. The music wasn’t very fun to dance too because I don’t like popular music. I wasn’t having fun because I was bored and somewhat lost. In my mind, I wanted a Sempai to help me along. After class, I became depressed because I miss training so much. I realized that I train because it’s so much fun and it’s very interesting. I when I first started going to the dojo, I got a natural high afterwards because of the exercising and learning. Right now, I’m going nuts and becoming depressed because I’m not training.

I don’t care if it’s solitary. Actually, I’ve been a solitary person for a long time because I like to do things my way. However, I love structure, which is a must in karate. I don’t care if it’s going to be rough and rocky. That’s life. I’m used to it because of my autism and ADD. My childhood was hard because many kids teased and bullied me. Plus, my mom is Bipolar. My family has been homeless three times when I was a child. My mom and dad had jobs, but we didn’t have a home; instead, we lived in tents or a camping trailer. When I was growing up, my dad didn’t have a steady income because he’s in construction. In addition, my brother was run over by a truck when he was four years old and has had eight surgeries so far to correct his leg.


supergroup7 said...

When I'm hungry, I look for food. When I'm sleepy, I look for a bed. When I want to train, I look around for a dojo. Makes sense.. right?

Start looking around.. Look in the yellow pages of your phone book, do some searching on the internet for dojo that may be available in your area. Here are some samples:

Goju Ryu:


Shorin Ryu:



Sensei James Cannon
5712 N. Elm JKA-US NW Council
Spokane Wa. 99205
Email: karatecannon@yahoo.com

There are plenty more where I found those three...

Remember Lizzie that it isn't the style of karate that is most important, but that you wish to find a Sensei that will respect you, and support you. Therefore, contact the various dojo in your area, find out when their classes are, and ask to come and visit. Take a good couple of months visiting the various dojo around you. Compare prices, watch or even participate in the classes ( if they ask you to join), and choose wisely. Take your time to make sure that you like the one that you choose.

ZenHG said...

The family Karate Center, Spokanekarate.com is a good place, that is Gene Villa's Dojo which also offers Iaido and Arnis.

I used to train there, their Sparring class is not based on tournament sparring, but also allows grappling techniques and is great for Kata exploration.

Unfortunately Spokane Shorin Ryu (www.icehouse.net/darrin) is no longer open.
I trained there for about six months and also taught a Kata Sanchin class for them. Ken Schug Sensei, the former head instructor of that school has moved back to Seattle the last I heard.
I drove by that Dojo the other day to confirm this for myself, the sign was gone and the building was locked up.

I don't know much about the Whitworth Karate Club, though it is the closest in vicinity to where I live.
I had looked into their website, I do know that it is a Shotokan School that is affiliated with the JKA and the Instructors of that organization are full-time salary based professionals.
That may be a very good choice, but there again, it is best to choose wisely.
Even when training at one school that does not mean you cannot train in another and I would encourage my students to experience other arts and styles.

Anonymous said...

Lizzie, I would also encourage you to find a dojo soon. You mentioned once that there are about 15 others in that area. Go ahead and start visiting. Also ask on the e-group. Someone there might know of a good dojo in your area.

Whatever you do, don't just quit completely!

lizzie said...

Thanks everyone for your advice and helping me. I don't know what I would have done without you.

supergroup7 said...

So? have you started your search?

That "Family Karate Center" looked like it had possibilities.. is it too far from your home? There are plenty of dojo.. please keep us aware of what you are doing.