Friday, December 12, 2008

100th Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish that I could make this post special. However, I'm tired and need to go to bed. I volunteered to work a twelve hour shift today because the night guy, Brian, wasn't feeling so good. So, I left work at 3:16 A.M. When I got home, ER was done downloading and watched two episodes. I gave in and downloaded two seasons. I have very bad self discipline. I'll talk more about it later. I want to begin to blog daily again. My enthusiasm convinced me that I should start again. When I was on my mission, I tried so hard to write in my journal. I did a pretty good job. However, I used part of my study time to write in it. I stopped writing in it at the end because I wanted more time to study the scriptures. It's nearly impossible to write in it at the end of the day because we normally get planning done around 10. That gives us a half an hour to get ready for bed. If it wasn't for Sister Vergara, I would have never gone to bed on time! She was all about strict obedience.

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