Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I love Brother Adams!!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth was looking for scholarships. School is expensive. Dad was stressing me out today because it will cost around two thousand dollars to get me to BYU. Geeze. That sounds about right though with food, tuition, and rent. So, I looked for more scholarships.

Brother Adams taught me something yesterday. In 1 Corinthians, it says that women shouldn't speak in the church. I've always wondered about that because once Sabine got really upset when she read it. People speak in tongues (babble gibberish) in the Pentecostal churches. Women converts were bringing that tradition into the church. So, Paul said that the women shouldn't do that because that wasn't speaking in tongues. They had the same gifts of the Spirit that we have today. The gift of tongues was used during the day of Pentecost because many people of many different languages understood the Elders of the church. So, many misunderstand the Bible nowadays. People think that the wine that Jesus and the Apostles drank was alcoholic, but it wasn't.

When we sang the songs during sacrament, I started crying because my families' ward reminded me of the Euphrata 2nd ward. I remembered the love I felt in that ward. There were so many good saints that helped and served us. I just feel bad for Sister Vergara because she has to go down the hill and walk in the snow. We lived on top of the tallest hill in Euphrata. Hopefully, members are giving her and her new companion rides when they don't have the car.

After sacrament, I introduced my parents and Rhea to Brother Adams. I started crying again because I love Brother Adams so much. So, I didn't speak at for a few minutes when they first met. I got to tell Brother Adams that I loved him during our institute activity on Friday. We were in the kitchen together. He was washing frosting off his pant leg when he tried to put tin foil over the Cinnamon rolls over me. He said something that made me smile. So I said, "Brother Adams, I love you." He said, "Well thanks Lizzie. I love you too." As he went out the kitchen, I said, "Thanks." I'm so glad that I told him I loved him in person because he has literally changed my life for the best. Plus, I won't be here in Spokane much longer.

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supergroup7 said...

I'm glad that you were able to tell him that before you leave Spokane. It will be something to look back upon, and feel good about in the future.