Monday, December 15, 2008


I really need to go to bed. I'm really, really bad. I went to bed at three thirty last night and got up 7:20 to go to church with my family. So, I was really tired in some parts of the day, especially when it was time for me to go to my ward. I didn't not want to go at all. So, I was late for Gospel Principles, the class I was going to teach. I did pretty well. (I went to bed a little before 3:30 last night. I felt bad because I just wasted time before then. I played pokemon on facebook and watched three episodes of ER. I should have wrote in my journal and went to bed. I don't have very good self discipline if I don't have a set time where I have to get up the next morning.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Lizzie,

I just found your blog and noticed that you want to go to chiropractic college. I highly recommend Western States in Portland. Really good faculty and students there. Good number of LDS students there as well.

Steve Foreman DC

Lizzie said...

Thanks for visiting and giving advice Steve!!