Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ward Christmas dinner

Elizabeth was supposed to be the musical chair champion of the world; but AnnMarie stole her chair and her spot. Thus, I'm second in command. I haven't gone to bed yet, so it's still Saturday night. Tonight we had the annual ward Christmas dinner. The white elephant gift exchange was fun and funny. AnnMarie joked a lot about the anti-wrinkle cream that I gave as a gift. Then, Michelle stole it from her because she wanted it. I was surprised that someone stole the woppie cushion and the can of beans that I gave too. I got these gifts from the white elephant gift exchange from last night's Institute activity. Last night was more fun. I'm sort of sad that we didn't go around again like last night so every one can stay with their present or exchange with another. Last time, I got nice decorative hanging bird cages and a picture frame. I was lucky because I was one of the first people that got up to pick. I could have stole anything; however, there was nothing that caught my interest except a five dollar bill. That came in a tithing envelop and grabbed the other one. However, it just contained a two dollar bill. That's why I wanted a second round. Afterwards, we played musical chairs. I did really well and got second place. AnnMarie got first place. That was lots of fun.

Rhea thinks that me wearing a magnet is a load of garbage. I told her about it because I forgot to wear it today. She couldn't believe how much money that my dietary supplements cost me ($118). She said it's more important to take care of external than internal things. I've been spending my money on my chiropractor and the supplements. The last supplement was called Total-Liver detox. It and my magnet helped clear up little things throughout my body when we compared last week's total nutritional scan (TNS) to a couple months ago. Now, I bought Total Leaky Gut and Total Arginine. I'm really hoping that Total Leaky Gut will take me off antibiotics because it's introducing the good type of bacteria in my colon instead of the bad kind. Right when I got it, I stopped taking my Ampicillin because I don't want to kill the good kind of bacteria. So, I'm really hoping the my acne will hold and eventually be gone when I run out. That would be a total miracle to me because I've been battling acne since I was 12 years old, about half my life. A few years ago, I went to a dermatologist to get my acne under control. I went through quite a few antibiotics until we found that Ampicillin worked. First, I took 500mg twice a day. After six months, it dropped to once a day. After another six months, it went down 250mg a day. When I dropped down to that dosage, my face got worse and started getting those huge, deep heads that hurt. The last few months, I haven't gotten them because it's probably because I took it everyday. It's easy to forget to take it because I have to have an empty stomach 1 hour before or 2 hours after a meal. When I was on my mission, I would drink quite a bit of water with my fishy pill (Liver Detox) right before I went to bed. Then during the night, I would get up to go to the bathroom and take the Ampicillin. Oh, I wish I could write more.

I really need to go to bed because I have to get up early tomorrow morning. I want to listen to Brother Adams speak in my families' home ward tomorrow morning. I don't think they have met him yet. CRAP!!! I forgot all about preparing my lesson for tomorrow in gospel principles. I still want to listen to Brother Adams tomorrow. Maybe, I'll just go to sacrament, go home to prepare my lesson, then go to my singles ward. I may have to skip sacrament meeting though.

P.S. Before I forget, Sister Vergara didn't know what a white elephant gift exchange was. That topic came up when I was talking to a member because we were talking about the white elephant store here in Spokane.

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