Monday, December 22, 2008


Hi. I haven't been writing the last few days because I've been so involved about finding a laptop for me for Christmas. I've been on my laptop searching and reading all day/night. I want to get the best deal for my money, so that requires lots of time. I didn't plan on getting a laptop a Christmas because I thought my parents would pay for it as a graduation present when I graduated from high school. So, they still me a graduation present. However, I shouldn't complain because they are going to pay for food and rent at BYU. I'm going to work for Securitas over there, but it's going to be part time again. Ugg. I don't like receiving 220 dollars every two weeks. That's not enough for me. I want to take care of my body by buying these Dietary Supplements. However, they are really expensive. I still need new glasses. I want to get the plastic kind that Rhea has because my metal ones short circuit both of my hemispheres. Plus, I'd look more stylish, hip, and modern. Anyways, hopefully I can pull off working more hours at BYU and still getting good grades. I don't need to worry so much about them anymore because I want to be a chiropractor now. I'm thinking as the years go by, chiropractic schools will become more competitive like medical and veterinarian schools. I've been reading the they are becoming more popular and accepted with the general public.

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