Thursday, March 05, 2009

Counting Calories

Right now it's Wednesday night. I'm screwed up my sleep schedule by taking a three hour nap today. I was tired from my six hours of sleep last night and wanted to be fresh for my O-chem test. I think I did really well on it. I wanted to give myself five hours to work on it. However, I got at the testing center at 6:30 and worked for 3 1/2 hours. I was a little rushed at the end and couldn't check all of my work; however, I hardly to change my answers when I do check my tests. I feel better about it than last test. This time, I took it in the music room instead the main room. I don't like the main room because it's really big and quiet. I don't like it because I always need to have music playing. It helps me concentrate. I always listen to my I-Pod when doing my homework. The music room plays classical and new age music. Some of it is really boring, but it much better than nothing. Some of the music I would listen to and put on my I-Pod. I even heard a song from Yanni.

I'm becoming a health nut. I was talking to Sarah about me avoiding all kinds of things which are in foods. She doesn't really agree why I do it because she hasn't put the hours of research I've put into. She was saying things that I disagreed with. I confronted her a little. I don't like to say someone is wrong if it's debatable. The things that I'm avoiding is debatable to the normal public. It's a very conservative view. However, I feel better about avoiding these types of things because of all the research I've done. I just want to be more healthy.

I talked about my weight to Sarah. I don't know how to lose weight at all. She was saying that if I count my calories, I can lose weight. She's been counting calories since she was a kid. She said that she can help me count my calories and exercise together. She got all excited. I want to lose weight because I don't like how look in the mirror. I know that's not a good indicator. However, I've been noticing that depositing fat on my stomach, sides, and back. I used to never have fat on my sides. It's been bothering me when I sleep because I can feel it pull on me when I sleep in my normal position. Because of the fat, I've changed my position. Probably, it better for my back to sleep in the position I sleep in now because it's not twisted. Anyways, I just don't like the tugging on my sides and stomach. It's really uncomfortable. It would be so cool if I lose this extra fat and drop around 170's. I know that's a big hefty goal. I don't know if that's even possible. I'm going to try.

So, I was doing some research if counting calories is the way to go. As I was researching, I found this calculator. I'm going to shoot for 1600 to 1700 calories. I don't know how I will do. I found this really good article about Artificial Sweeteners. Sarah is all about these sweeteners. So, probably it's easier for her to cut the calories than it would for be because I'm avoiding that stuff like the plague. I know that I'm still eating a little MSG and partially hydrogenated foods every day. I'm trying to eat all of that stuff up. I'm only have one chimichanga left which has something hydrogenated. This is a good overview why I avoid things in foods. I just looked in the refrigerator. I need to talk to my roommates because I hardly have any food in there and need to go shopping. However, they are taking up some of my space in the fridge.

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