Thursday, March 05, 2009

My Questions

This is to my chiropractor in Spokane.

Hi Dr. Cough,

Thanks for telling me about that Pacific Botanicals website. Hopefully, I'll find a way to get those Superfood ingredients.

I'm so glad I have your e-mail. Now, I can write all of my questions and you can answer them when you aren't busy. The last couple times I called you were busy, so I don't know when is a good time to call you. I'm going to number my questions so you can answer them easier. Plus, it's my way of letting you know that you didn't skip any questions. I've noticed that many people like to skip some questions when I write to them.

1. In your own words, tell me how homeopathy works. You know I'm taking Total Mercury supplement for my acne. I'm just wondering how four drops three times a day works because it's so tiny!

2. Can I trust bread that's baked at grocery stores that they don't have anything hydrogenated? Or should I not even trust them at all to be safe?

3. What do you personally do to make sure that the food you order doesn't contain any crap when you go to restaurants?

4. You know that I'm taking Super EPA. What should I do when that runs out because it's giving me the essential fatty acids for my body? I was reading that the algae in the Superfood supplement contain Omega 3 fatty acids. Would there be enough Omega 3 when I make and take Superfood? What I'm trying to say is algae the best way to get EPA, GLA, and DHA?

5. You know that website that you pointed me to during our first discussion about Superfood. Well, I forgot its address. When I was looking around, I thought up a test for you. I want to test your abilities. Last winter, I had a research assignment for my botany class. I researched about the Madagascar Periwinkle and its alkaloid vincristine. Now, I want you to test if vincristine is really good, good, neutral, bad, or really bad for my body. I don’t want you to use the internet to research about it because that will give you the answer. I know the correct answer because of my research. Of course, you don’t have to do this if you want too. However, I thought that this might be fun for you and me.

6. Which type of milk should I drink? I usually drink 2%. After reading that website you sent me to read about sugar, it said that pasteurized milk was bad and soy milk was even worse. Do you agree with that? Is it healthier to buy fresh milk?

7. Do you recommend chewing gum? From my research, I’ve read its bad for you especially the kind that has Aspartame. Is it OK to chew gum that has sugar in it or is that bad for my teeth? I like to chew gum because I get these craving to have something sweet. So, I eat something sweet or chew gum to get rid of them. Are sweet cravings natural?

8. How come my body doesn’t like Sunflower seeds? It used to like them but now they give me heartburn when I eat a small amount.

9. How long does that magnet usually last people that I bought from you? Mine is all the way cracked. I taped it so it will hold together. I thought that this magnet would be a little sturdier because one has to wear it every day. I’ve only had it for five months and now it’s falling apart on me.

10. Now my final question, I want to lose weight. I want to get rid of the extra fat on my body. I’ve been eating much healthier than I have in the past. Now, I want to lose some pounds and look better in the mirror. I know it takes diet and exercise. I was talking with my roommate. She said it’s all about counting calories. We figured out that if I eat 1600 to 1700 calories every day, I’ll lose weight. I’m just hoping that it will be enough calories because I’m not going to get anything that has any artificial sweeteners which cut down calories. I’m going to keep avoiding the foods that are bad for me. Is that a good way to lose weight? Is that amount of calories good for my body? I heard that counting calories doesn’t work, but my roommate says it does.

I’d be totally grateful if you answer all of my questions. Some of them have been in my head for months. I have all of them because I’m becoming obsessed with my health. Thus, I’m becoming a health nut. :)



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