Monday, March 02, 2009

O-chem test and the internet

Elizabeth is going to study some more of O-chem. I have a test on Wednesday. Pretty nervous about it. It's because he will give us problems that we haven't seen before. We are suppose to have all the knowledge to work through them. Plus, it's going to be at least three hours long. Why???? It's probably going to take me four to five hours. I'm going to be fried!!!! That's too long! :(

Right now, I'm at BYU campus typing this in the Spencer W. Kimball Tower (SWKT) because the internet is down. I'm here because the internet went down since Saturday night. That's why I didn't write on Sunday. Today, I called the internet provider for my apartment so they could come and fix it. I'm also here to print some things off for O-chem. It doesn't help that Sarah's printer at home is out of black ink and paper. I offered to buy ink and paper, but she declined.

I think that my sleep schedule is getting to be normal again. The last three nights, I've been going to bed around eight to 10 P.M. I'm very happy. I'm just hoping that I can keep it that way.

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Ikigai said...

Yuck, I remember those kinds of tests. I do not miss that since being out of college.