Monday, March 30, 2009

Disappointed in Devon

So, I'm really disappointed with Devon. I was going to write about this this morning; however I took a shower and got ready instead. So last night, I learned that Devon told Sarah that he wants to date her. Of course, she said no because she's not his type. He's being hypocritical and doing a double standard because he told me that he wouldn't date anyone until he is going to get his temple recommend. I can understand why he did that but still. He needs to stand up to his principles. That's what I did when I didn't back down about my health food and trying to avoid thing which are bad in food. If he doesn't want to date me, he needed to say that when he first talked to me instead of giving an excuse.

Then, Sarah said he's not going to speak to me because I confronted him about giving me back my key to my car. Rhea said it's not a very good idea for Devon to drive my car because he doesn't have car insurance. So if he got into an accident, my insurance would have to pay for it. Plus, he has all kinds of garbage in the back of my car. If one borrows my car, one should keep it clean. I let him borrow it because he didn't have a car. However, he did use it when Sarah and he went to the mall yesterday. They could have used Sarah's car instead.

So, I'm very disappointed in him by the way he has treated me so far. If he doesn't talk to me because I stood up to him, I'll be even more disappointed in him. Well, luckily my crush is really waning. It's a lot smaller than it was a week ago. Everything seemed to be fine with our friendship until he and I noticed that I had a crush on him. Then everything went downhill from there because he kept on wanting me to change my eating habits. Sarah, Devon, and Mary Lu don't trust my sources with my health foods. However, I trust my sources more than I trust Devon because of the way he treated me.

It seems like when I really like someone and put my full trust in them, I get hurt. I found that out with my Evil dojo and Uncle Rich. Now, that happened a little with Devon. However, that didn't happen with Sensei Villa, Brother Adams, Tony, Andrey, and Dr. Cough. I know that I have cried over Andrey, but he has treated me with respect and hasn't done anything to intentionally hurt me. The people who have betrayed my trust care more about themselves and don't care about other people's feelings. This is why I have to rely on the Spirit so much because I cannot tell what are people's intentions right off the bat. I pay attention how they treat me and if they do anything screwy or not. Uncle Rich and the Evil dojo did many screwy things that didn't make sense until I saw their intentions. I have to look for warning flags and pay attention how I feel about these people. Devon has really sprung some warning flags on himself by the way he has treated me last week. That's why I don't trust him that much anymore until he can prove otherwise.

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