Saturday, October 10, 2009

Death of a Salesman

I went to watch Death of a Salesman today by Theater Mitu. It was the best play I've ever seen in my life. I think it was better than Lion King that's a Broadway production. It only cost me six dollars to see it too. This is the first play that I've seen in Provo. It was hosted by BYU. The original ticket price was 11 dollars. I wanted to see this play because two years ago, I took a theater class at SCC. I loved that class. Part of the reason is we got to do lots of improv which was a lot fun. Part of this class, we watched Death of a Salesman with Dustin Hoffman. I didn't realize how old that movie was because I just discovered that it was made in 1985!!!!

I probably came in a half an hour late because I thought the play started at two thirty instead of at two. When I came in, I was lost because had to figure out who everyone was and what was going on. Eventually, I started to remember the characters. When watching the play, I imagined all the characters that were objects as real people that I saw in the movie. I remembered Bernard, Ben, and the ladies. I imagined some of the scenes from the movie too.

I loved the objects because the bought life to the real people and other characters. Ben was a lighted up fan, the boss was a long florescent light, and Bernard a little one. Willy was just like as Dustin Hoffman portrayed him in the movie. However, Biff was much more emotional and strong. In the movie, he seemed more of a wimp. Hap got so annoying that a punching bag portrayed him well. I've never seen so much anguish and hurt in people before. I've only seen it in movies. I was got so involved in the story. I really wanted to be verbal. At first, I was, but noticed that people were looking back at me. So, I tried to be quiet. I didn't want to become that annoying person. It's so hard though because I wanted to talk to and/or scream at the characters. When I become emotionally involved with anything, I love being express my feelings either verbally or physically.

This picture is taken when Willy is having a flashback, During a flashback, Biff is the football shoulder pads while the real Biff on the back portion of the stage being the voice for the pads. At first that was confusing because I didn't know why they were talking some football pads instead of the actor of Biff. In the present, Biff would be always carrying the pads for the most part. In the picture, Hap in in the background carrying the punching bag. Multiple times, Hap would ask his parents if they noticed that he was losing weight because he's always jogging in place with the punching bag on his shoulders. In the present, Hap would be the punching bag on a pole with the puppeteer being his voice. At the last scene, the puppeteer had his mask off when they were fighting. That was such a wonderful play!!! It was three hours long including the intermission.

Here's a their website so you can take a look at more of their pictures so you can know what I'm talking about. Here's a review about the production too.

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