Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Right now, I'm totally excited. Why?? Because I just found out that a big grappling tournament is coming up. I knew about this tournament, but didn't know how big it's going to be. I've only been in one tournament so far. It cost me twenty dollars. It was alright. I fought against a woman who had a year of experience. I did alright because I only had a few months of experience. She mounted me pretty quickly. It took her forever to armbar me. Actually, it wasn't even a good armbar because I got out of it. However, the person that was reffing stopped us and said that she won.

The last tournament that was held at Throwdown I skipped because Roberto wasn't taking anybody to it. Afterwards, I found out that I could have taken first in the Woman's division because I have more experience than all the girls which placed. I know that because all the girls were from the BYU club. I could have gotten a cool sword!! After my first tournament, I wanted to get much better because I didn't want to waste my money. So, I trusted Roberto and didn't go.

I watched a promotional video for the up coming tournament. When watching it for the second time, I realized that Roberto was in it. Then, I noticed that Xzavior's mom was right next to him. Then, I realized that the two guys that are pictured before the movie starts are the guys that I met during my training in Roberto's dojo. I think that they trained in the Utah Valley University's (UVU) BJJ club.

I started thinking about the possibility of going to another tournament and competing. Then, I thought about how Roberto and the guys helped and cheered me on when I competed. Whenever anyone competes, Roberto becomes the corner and tells that person what to do. He said that eventually we'll learn a code where our opponents wouldn't know what he's telling us. When anyone starts telling what to do when I'm sparring, I get much better because I have an objective in my head and have the will power to pull through.

If I compete, this tournament will cost me forty dollars. That's a little spendy for a tournament. That's with it's discounted too. The normal cost would be sixty dollars. So, I don't know. If I do this, I need to start training right away to get ready for it. My side and chest feels pretty much healed. However, I haven't tested that by sparring yet. I think I was overtraining. I know that Roberto thinks doesn't one can overtrain by doing the type of exercise that we did. However, I knew that wasn't true.

We tried to push ourselves to the max each day. So, I don't think that we allowed ourselves to recover. I know that the more that one trains, one can increase the intensity, frequency, and longevity of the training. However, I think that we trained a too hard a little to much. I'm glad that I got out when I did to let myself to heal. I know that if I kept on going, I would have healed slower because I would have went to every practice. Plus, I would have probably started doing things before I was ready for them.

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