Saturday, October 24, 2009


Hey, Guess What???? I wanted to search more about Paul Tom today. I didn't come up with that much. However, I did find Vanessa's blog. She wrote about the first and only BJJ tournament that I've competed in so far. I only fought against her and Taz. I thought that I wrote about the tournament in my blog. However, I couldn't find anything. Probably, because nothing really happened.

Vanessa is around 30 years old and weighs around 200 pounds. I put up a good fight. She took me down pretty quickly. For some reason, she only was working on my arms when on mount. I don't remember her trying to choke me from mount which is weird. Roberto said that I was doing all the right things by not exposing my arms. I think that he expected her to win faster because she had a year of experience. It's pretty cool that she even has a two photos so us sparring. I like the photo where she's armbarring me. It looks like it's locked, however, it's not. The ref should have let me tap instead of stopping it because I escaped a few seconds later. She would have won anyways because she was the one who was on top and had the advantage.

I waited a long while until I fought Taz. He beat me pretty quickly. I got a bloody nose right after sparring with him. When the tournament was done, I wanted to spar with Vanessa again. However, it was stopped short because my nose started bleeding again. I remember trying to sit up when sparring, but laid back down because of my nose. She felt really bad afterwards. I told her that I've always gotten bloody noses and it wasn't her fault. She told me that members were from my dojo where yelling so loud that when we sparred that she couldn't hear her's helping her. I remember Nick or Zack telling me to use the wall when sparring with her. I thought it was weird because we never use the walls. However, that wall was padded.

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