Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Island

HMMM. Whenever I write in this blog, I start thinking about BJJ and how much I miss it. I know, I know. You can say that I can going to a new dojo any time now. I wanted to go to BJJ this morning; however, I went to bed too late which was around two thirty AM because I watched "The Island" with Sarah. I really liked that movie because it was a science fiction action movie which what I wanted to watch. When I we watch movies together, it's usually some drama chick flick. It's alright; however, I do miss seeing action packed movies. "The Island" had a pretty good plot. It's about some a clone that starts questioning the utopia he's living in. So, he escapes it with his girl friend. A company was using the clones for people's insurance policy's like if they anything happened. The owner hired a hitman to kill the clones. However, he kills the exact copy of the clone instead. The girl friend gets captured on purpose.

The company killed all of the clones which were growing. They wanted to kill the rest of the clones because of they thought that curiosity was a bad trait. However, the main character and his girl friend killed the main guy and freed the clones with the help of the hitman. There wasn't enough dialogue which made me really care for the clones at the end of the movie. It was pretty funny watching the owner try to choke the main character. Lincoln ended reaching for something while being choked and then hit the owner. I thought that was pretty unrealistic. It didn't even look like a good choke either. It's pretty funny how one notices these things after being trained. In the movies and TV, people always die right after they pass out. Now I know that's not the case. It takes a little while for them to die. I don't know how long though. It probably depends on what type of choke one does too. I found a good review about the movie if you want to know more about it.


ZenHG said...

My Uncle Jerry is a vietnam veteran, a former Marine, very hard core Marine.
I went to his house in Bremerton one christmas and he told me a story about an attack on some resting Viet Cong Soldiers.

We always talk about Martial Arts when we get together because he trained in Tang Soo Do and had the practical experience to back up his claims.
He told me that he had to slit someone's throat that night, and they did not die right away, he had to hold them and let them bleed out, thrashing and gargling on their own blood.

Movies are fantasy, they make the deaths quick so the plot and story will roll along.
People like Roberto or even the Gracies, Gene Villa, or even myself will never really know what this is like. Thankfully.

The Island, in my opinion, was not a very good movie.

Lizzie said...

I thought that The Island was your average action movie.

Dang. That would suck. Thankfully, none of us know what that's like. I want it to stay that way too. I think I'd be pretty traumatized if I had to do that.