Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Hidden Blessing

Man!!! I haven't written for a week now. Sorry. Last Monday, I stayed up all night and my sleeping schedule went through a loop. I slept during the day and was up all night. Plus, I dived right into my family history. Last Monday, I discovered that my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, finally let it's members in Utah and Idaho use the new Family Search website. I started really working on my line. This new website lets us know where temple work has been done for our ancestors or not. My line is so huge!!! When going back, I ran into King Josiah, Jeremiah, Issiah, and the king of Troy!! I couldn't believe that I ran into some famous people. Then in another line, I went all the way back to Adam and Eve. I couldn't believe it!! I didn't know that one could go that far like that. I couldn't believe that I ran into prophets and kings in the Old Testament. That's a long time ago. Mary Lu said that it's pretty unusual to have a line that big. I was looking at her line because it's pretty small compared to mine.

I became really absorbed in that for three to four days. I'm not working on it as much now because of school. I have an O-chem test tomorrow. I still need to go through the problems that are in the back of two chapters in my O-chem book. I'm sorry that this entry is pretty boring. If only Roberto didn't kick me out, this entry would be way more exciting. Actually, I'm very thankful and glad that he kicked me out because I'm way more devoted to my schoolwork now. I'm working on getting caught up now. I didn't do so well on a O-chem quiz. I'm being really hard on myself because I became so obsessed about BJJ. School is way more important than BJJ. It was just hard to balance because I was having the time of my life training that much. However, I was letting my homework slide big time. I'm just glad that I was kicked out before any of my tests. My homework load is bigger during the summer term.

So, I promised myself that I'll catch up before I do anything. I still might do some things with the BJJ BYU club. However, I still want to be kind to my side. I hardly feel it now which is a very good thing. I don't want to practice and feel it again afterwards. I want to take an aerobic class or two here at BYU work on my cardio. I don't want to lose the muscle and cardio that I've built up during my training.

So, I'm keeping dreaming about Roberto. However, the last time I dreamed about BJJ, only Zach and Nick was in my dream. The guys like Nick and Zack will advance faster than me in BJJ now because I'm more focused on school. I feel a little sad about that. Last week, I was thinking about writing Roberto a message saying that I was sorry that I hurt his feelings and that I still wanted to be his friend. While training, I discovered that I'm pretty much on an equal playing ground with everyone else. I think that's so cool because everything else which involves being on my feet, I always lag behind. I was thinking that I won't go back even if he accepted my apology.

Now, I don't want to write him a message any more because I think he visited this blog again. If it was him, he definitely knows how I feel about the whole situation. I'm pretty happy at myself that I haven't written anything to him since he kicked me out. That tells me that I'm successfully distancing myself from him and getting on with my life. :) At least, people will have more information about him because of my blog if they search for his name on Google. I'm really trying not to say anything bad about Roberto on this blog because I still think he's a good person, just mislead and misguided, unlike Chinen. I know that people constantly visit my Northwest Profiles on Sensei Chinen post which is a good thing.

I want to save this little entry that I wrote on September 24: "I just watched the Double Helix in MMBio today. It was really thought provoking. I watched Watson and Crick be detectives and figure out the structure of DNA. They had to pull from multiple different sources. They were also racing against time too. It was making me think why I’m here at BYU. It’s because I need to become an innovator and thinker. We solve problems and draw from multiple view points. I think that I need to suck it up and start doing my homework. I just want to play and not do it. So, I wait until the last minute. Plus, I’m always getting distracted here at home." This movie really made me think why I'm here at BYU.

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