Saturday, April 10, 2010

Best of Divine Comedy

I need to go to bed right now. Last night and tonight, I've been staying up later. Stupid computer. It always loves to distract me. That's why I was so thankful that I was studying in the McKay building all day today. O-chem is pretty boring now. If I was at home, I would have gotten on the internet and wasted time. However, I only had my I-Pod with me. So, I was forced to do my O-chem without distraction. Hopefully, I can keep it up for the weekend and next week. I need all the time I can get with my studies. I did something fun today among all the studying.

I went to the Best of Divine Comedy tonight. It was so much fun. It wasn't the funniest show that I've seen, but it was really good. I loved it when they did a skit of Harry Potter, Avatar, and Stomp. One of the actors was really good as Snape. He talked just like him which was really cool. All the other actors were not really like the other characters like him. They made fun of the current movie that was released a couple years ago. It's where Snape kills Dumbledore. I squawked a lot. The majority of the actors are majoring something other than theater. It really reminded me of how much time I put into BJJ. I'm sure they have put so much time creating, blocking, and rehearsing the skits.

It's really cool how they play popular music while throwing Tons of glow sticks in the crowd while they are changing props. I made a necklace and caught a huge big ball made out of glow sticks. While picking up some candy on the floor, a whole bunch of candy it me hard in the face. So, I sucked on candy throughout the whole show. Plus, I found a phone near my backpack. I knew that it wasn't any one's from the show because it started ringing during the show. Someone behind me looked confused and silenced it. I'm going to turn it in to the Lost and Found on Monday.

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