Sunday, April 11, 2010

UFC 112

I didn't like the UFC main card fights tonight. They were both standup and didn't have much going on. I liked the last UFC better. Silva was pretty stupid because he just degraded and mocked Maia. Silva just ran around the ring for most of the rounds. At first Mia got scared. By the last round, Mia wanted to get back at Silva. However, Silva was still to good. Silva should have just knocked Mia out. However, he just ran around the ring frustrating Mia and the audience. Mia got pretty banged up though because he nose broke and his eye swelled shut. Silva's face looked fine. BJ Penn didn't look so hot either. All he did was jabs. He kept on following Edgar because Edgar was really darting in and out of range. He was busy all five rounds. The guys who I was with was screaming that BJ should take the fight to the ground because he's good on the ground and has a black belt in BJJ.

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