Friday, April 23, 2010


Hi. I'm a little sad. I just found out that Paul Tom's place is moving to American Fork on Facebook. That really stinks because I liked it where it was. It was closer than Roberto's place which I really appreciated. Roberto's place was on the north edge of Orem on 1600 North. Paul Tom's place was on 400 South in Orem. I didn't have to take the interstate his place like I did with Roberto's. I only had to take North University Avenue and turn left on West 3700 North Street which turns into 800 South Street. Then, I turned right on State Street which I passed Real Foods. I thought that was really convenient because Real Foods has gluten free foods. I can also take North University Parkway to get the dojo too. However, there is way too many cars and stop lights for me. It was faster to use the other way.

I like 3700 N ST because it has a round about. It has all of these S curves when approaching one side of the round about. To discourage people from driving on the lines like I do, they put in these rumble strips. However, think those strips make it more entertaining. So, they don't deter me at all. There was a road in Spokane, WA that I took to get to Spokane Community College. I used Upriver Drive. That was one of my favorite roads because I passed many trees and not many houses. That road has a lot of S curves too. I only passed through the lines when there wasn't any cars near me unlike in Provo. It's weird that I get attached to some roads and annoyed at others.

I went to West Coast Fight Club tonight. Again, it was a short drive where my parents live like USMMA. That's what I wish for in Provo. However, I'm really attached to Paul Tom now. Plus, I know that he's the real deal. Probably, that's what I get for living in a bigger area. I learned that Bellingham is just was big as Missoula, Montana which has 80,000 people. Bellingham has 75,000 people. It's pretty small compared to the Provo Area. I think that Spokane is small compared to that area too because it's only composed to two big cities. There is a continuous line of cities along the Wasatch Front.

I watched the WCFC kick boxing class. They were doing different types of kicks to their training partners which were holding focus pads. I was pretty content because I didn't have gloves, shin guards, or wraps. I liked Coach T much better. It was in an empty "warehouse" again. However, this one was smaller. So, they had a second room which was upstairs. There were only a few of us that grappled. All of it was no gi which I thought was intresting.

I learned this escape from scarf-hold or judo-hold. I learned an easy shoulder lock from that hold to. If they wrap my arms like they did for that escape, I wrap my arms around their arms to isolate the elbow. Then, I drive my butt to my knees. It's pretty cool because it's so basic. However, I never would have thought that I could submit anyone just by doing that. We went through a little more moves which I don't want to explain.

I grappled a little with Dannie?? I think that was his name. I think our teacher's name was Eddie. When grappling with Dannie, Eddie coached me half the time. I rolled with him for about five minutes. Then, I rolled with Eddie the rest of the time. He wanted to roll with me because he saw that I knew what I was doing. He said that I'm pretty strong. I always get that from people. I think that's pretty funny because I don't think I'm all that strong. I was really thankful that he didn't squish me with his weight because he weighs about 270 pounds. He didn't put any weight on me at all when he was on top. I was really thankful for that.

He taught me this lock both from guard and mount. I saw that he put his hand on the floor while he was in my guard. So, I did what I always did and worked for a kimura. Then, he taught me this lock. I know that Brian showed me this lock from mount before. However, it wasn't so detailed. That's why I didn't understand the nature of it. Eddie said that the basics of BJJ is getting under hooks. He kept on getting mine and sweeping me. He had a really good butterfly guard. I started on knees while I was in his open guard. I hardly passed it because he kept on sweeping me. When I did, he always went out the back door which I didn't know how to prevent. I can tell that he wasn't using that much muscle on me which was good.

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