Monday, April 19, 2010

I Passed O-chem!!!!!!!!

I am so happy right now!!! Why?? Because, I just found out that I received a B- in my 352 O-chem class!!!!!!!! This was my third time taking it. The spring sucked because it took it with stats and Micheal Pease's martial arts class. Then, I took it during the fall. That really sucked because I was ten points away from a C. Dr. Ham wouldn't give it to me. I spent so much time studying for this class. These last two weeks from last Friday, I tried to spend entire days studying O-chem.

Well, I have to run. I would write much more. However, I have to study a little for my BOM final, clean, pack, hopefully train a little at the dojo. I'm going to spend all day literally in a car because I'm going to Bellingham, WA to visit my family. I'm getting a ride from a girl. One of the riders lives in Portland, Oregon. So, it's probably going to take me more than 18 hours to arrive in Bellingham. Ugg. That doesn't sound like fun. :( Good thing, the girl wants to leave six AM in the morning. However, I'm probably not going to bed early because of all the things I have to do. Stupid Stargate and The Simpsons. I love watching them!!! However, I watched to much of them today. I should have been productive instead of wasting time.

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