Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Professors

This is to my infectious disease professor for a my student rating. I didn't think about posting what I wrote to my professors until I wrote to Dr. Sowby. That's why you don't see any to Dr. Bronson or Brother Ostergar. I pretty much thanked Dr. Bronson on how he learned my name during the first week. He and Dr. Sowby are the only professors in BYU that my know my name. That's a dramatic change from SCC because all my instructors except one knew my name. However, the classes in BYU can be three or four times the size of the classes I had at SCC. My class sizes were the smallest I've ever had in BYU so far. Dr. Bronson's class is less than 100 students. Brother Ostergar has 62 students in my class. Dr. Sowby's class was the smallest because he only had 29 students. My class was his only class because he's retried. When he moved up here from Fresno, California, some people from BYU asked him if he could teach. So, he said yes and teaches the infectious disease class.

Hi Dr. Sowby,

I loved your class!!! This was one of my favorite classes I've taken so far at BYU. Thanks for showing that vaccines are actually effective and that raw milk is potentially unsafe. I've been reading an alternative health website for a little over a year now. He's been saying that vaccines are unsafe and the swine flu was a hoax. He says that mumps and the chicken pox vaccines don't work. He says that's why there's been outbreaks. However, I know that's not true. I believe that they are relatively safe too. I trust your knowledge about vaccines and on how they control infectious diseases. I believe that you wouldn't lead your students astray. I loved the Dr. Seuss poem you recited during class. I love your sense of humor. I really appreciated that we got to watch videos in class and how we had weekly quizzes. That made the class a lot easier. Thank you for being fair on the quizzes and tests by allowing us to discuss them. Thanks for teaching me things that has changed my views about health care for the better.

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