Thursday, April 08, 2010

Stupid O-chem

Ugg. I had to miss BJJ tonight because of O-chem. I have so much to do by Monday. Dad said to suck it up and do everything I can so I can pass this class. So, I skipped BJJ so I can work on O-chem. Ugg, I counted the problems that I did so far. It's really disgusting. I've only done 12 so far. Stupid O-chem. It takes forever to do. I've been worked in my notebook 1 pm to 6:45 pm. Then, I decided I needed a break from O-chem because I was fried and tired. I'm still tired. I want to get through chapter 27 by tonight. I don't know if I can do that at the rate I'm going. Yesterday, it took me two hours to work on four problems. This is why I skipped BJJ tonight. I found out that my notebook is due on Monday. I thought it would be due on Tuesday. I still have to get through and understand chapter 28 and 29. Then, I need to copy chapter 22. Ugg, this sucks. Then, I have a quiz and a take home portion of my infectious disease test which is due on Tuesday at noon. Plus, I found out that John Bytheway is giving a lecture on Tuesday too. I would love to go to that too. However, Tuesday is such a bad day. Hopefully, I'll have time to go to the temple tomorrow night. I haven't gone for a couple months. I might have to copy chapter 22 on Sunday. Hopefully, not. Like I said, stupid O-chem. :(

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