Thursday, April 01, 2010

Paul Tom Needs to Find a New Place

Man, I'm really tired. I would write about the tournament; however, I'll probably a good hour to write about it. I don't want to write it it parts either. I'm just really tired and ready to fall asleep. Paul Tom's Academy is moving somewhere in 30 days because he just got an eviction notice today. It turns out that the owner of the building sold it. So, Paul Tom has to move out. I'm going to miss that wonderful shower! I love it because it has wonderful water pressure. In Anaconda, Montana, we had really, really, good water pressure. Plus, I didn't have to worry about the water running out because we had a big water heater for a three story apartment complex. The apartment that I live in now has crappy water pressure. The little farm house in Three Forks Montana had even crappier though.

Paul Tom is going to California for a week to have fun with his family. I'm sad about that because I love talking with him. Today, he said that any of his blue belts should beat a black belt in any other martial art. David was worried because a man in his group therapy wanted to grapple with him. The guy is a brown belt in Japanesse Jiu-Jistu. David pulled three different submissions on him. Well, of course, he would win because the guy never spends time on the floor. That's the same thing with Goju-Ryu karate.

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