Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cooking and Leg Amputations

So, tonight I made Lipton Souperior Meat Loaf, Easy Sweet and Sour Chicken, and Teriyaki Steak and Brown Rice Dinner. I liked the Meat Loaf. I think that I didn't cook the rice long enough because I didn't have enough water with the chicken. I forgot the red pepper and haven't tried it yet with the steak. I would have cooked one more thing tonight, but it's late and need to go to bed early. I need to get up and study DXI because I have a test tomorrow morning which I haven't really studied for yet.

Anyways, I just wanted to write a little about what I found out about my blog. I was looking to see why people still visit my blog. It turns out that a whole bunch of people visit two posts, both are two videos about Sensei Chinen. It's been a long time since I have train there. People are still looking him up on the internet. My post for the new video about him is number second and the old video is number eight on Google. When I was making sure what I was seeing was true, I went on Internet Explorer and looked up his name. I found this picture on this website:

It's true that his leg was amputated. It figures since he has diabetes. My grandfather had his leg amputated a couple years before he died. I guess Sensei had it coming to him. I cannot believe that he still teaches at Spokane Community College. He was a good lesson for me. Don't trust every professor that teaches at a college or university. That's why I don't trust everything what my professors say at Parker University. I really hope that people will start looking at my blog for something else other than Sensei Teuro Chinen.

I just want to comment on the new video really quickly. Karate isn't about self defense or a practical exercise. What you learn in karate will get you killed. I talked to one of my professors here in Parker about this. It's more for body awareness and training brain and body to become as one. Actually, some of them were very aggressive when I trained there. Most of them had really big ego including Sensei Chinen. I've been looking for "Forty Years of Chamber" on the internet, but haven't found it any where. One thing I liked what Sensei Amy (I think her name is Amy, I forget) was that she gained strength from her training when things become hard. I have gained courage from BJJ because I have felt a whole bunch of pain because of it. Thus, I am more brave when it comes to things that cause me physical pain.

One more thing, I am allergic to Banana Chips. I forgot and bought two packs from Whole Foods. They were pretty good though. So, I have them to my visiting teachers. I want to make banana bread to see if I'm allergic to that because I'm not allergic to banana baby food. I also should see if I'm allergic to grapes since raisins cause me to react.

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ZenHG said...

Glad you have gained courage from your training in BJJ... I must disagree with your assessment of Karate, however, as you had not had much exposure beyond your experience with Chinen Sensei and very limited exposure at the Family Karate Center... You cannot base a judgment (and a judgment it is) on an entire group or concept based on the actions of a few, or even one person... Nor can you draw your own conclusions about what Karate is or is not about based upon what someone else told you, that is called an opinion. :) I was recently in several self defense altercations and my training is the reason I am able to type to you now... Granted my training is way more old school and I have been training for nearly 22 years... That is a bit more exposure to the actual thing as well as actual use... Sorry, but I am alive and I train Karate. Thank you.