Thursday, March 01, 2012

Ugg. I hate this.

Old post from BYU. I just wanted to post it just for fun. :)

Ugg. I hate this. Why do I always receive flack about trying to eat healthy. I received lots of flack from Devon today. He just he and Sarah doesn't understand why I try to avoid everything. He thinks we can eat everything in moderation. That's true with many things, however you can't do that with coffee and alcohol. It's so frustrating sometimes because when I try to defend myself it doesn't go very well. They are so set upon their ways, that they oppose everything which is different. I've been getting this with Mary Lu too. It's just all of the people who I receive flak from won't read and study about it. Like today, I was trying to tell them the benefits about drinking raw milk. Devon was saying that it will make me fat because of all the fat in milk. I need to read more about it but I'm reading that saturated fat is actually good for you. I don't have time right now because I need to study.

Devon just hurt my feelings because he wasn't listening to me. I got upset because he said I won't find a guy that will agree with my natural approach. So, he said unless I change my ways, I won't get married. I'll end up like his aunt, stuck in the house and afraid to go anywhere. Ya right!!!! Why is it so much easier to express my opinion in writing? I wish I could express it just as easily when I speak too. He thinks that his aunt is crazy even though she's a herbalist. He said that any crazy people can write things on the internet even though they do have credentials. He and Sarah both doesn't trust my chiropractor at all. All of them needs to read what I have read. However, they probably won't because they aren't interested in eating healthy. They say that I'm obsessing about it and it's taking over my life. That's how my obsessions always work for me. When I have something that really interests me, I really research and ponder about it. I've done that with chess, music, martial arts, WWE, Simpsons, ER, and video games. Now my obsessions are about Stargate SG1, Devon, and eating healthy. Now, I don't know about Devon anymore because he did hurt my feelings. He said that guys are only interested in cars, women, and food. He said that all guys are shallow. I disagree with that because I know that my dad and Brother Adams are not shallow. I know that all guys are not interested in cars either. I want a guy that has pretty much the same views as I do on life, with pretty much everything. That's how my mom and dad are, they agree with almost everything.

So, Devon said that I should give it a month and a half and buy whatever Sarah and Mary Lu approves of and exercise everyday. I don't want to do that because of all the things I've read what the food industry puts into our food supply. I just don't trust him on this because he doesn't eat very healthy. Devon says that healthy and what tastes good doesn't mix together. I totally disagree with that. I think that row milk tastes a lot better than normal milk. I think that the Sicilian casserole tasted excellent. I want to find more recipes like that because it tasted really good. I need to put together my readings on my blog so he can read them for himself. I don't know if he would do that for me because it might be boring for him and won't care about it. I mean he didn't even believe me that enzymes denature when they are heated when milk is pasteurized. He asked me where I read that. I learned that in Biology 101 in college!!! The same thing happens when you fry an egg. This is why a person can't have a temperature higher to a certain degree.

I like eating healthy like this because it tastes different. At home, I ate all of this processed crap and got really tired of it. I loved munch and mingle at home because most of the food wasn't processed. Some one actually cooked it. I really like my eating habits because I'm eating things that keep me fuller longer and doesn't have as many calories. I find myself not liking things that has a whole bunch of sugar anymore. I don't like how my mouth feel when I'm done eating them. I get this white film over my teeth which I know it's from the sugar. So I found out that corn syrup is pure glucose. Ugg, why did I buy so many cans of fruit at Costco? I've noticed that if I eat protein instead of carbohydrates, I stay fuller longer.

Well, I went running today with Katrina and Sarah. It was really good because I ran/walked for 35 minutes. When I first started running, my asthma started bugging me because I started wheezing a little. I don't like that my chest constrict like that. It bugs me. Then, we swam for a half an hour. I liked that better; however, I didn't breathe as hard as when I ran. So, I worked harder when I ran/walked with them. I really like swimming though. I want to do this every day. Run a half an hour and then swim laps for a half an hour. That would be a good work out. Let's face it, I really need to start exercising. I'm just lazy. I know it's good for me and it will help me lose weight.

So, I talked to Sarah more about Devon. She said that he might have riled me up on purpose so I won't like him as much. I thought that had worked until I saw him tonight. Now, he's riding in the car with Sarah talking about things. At first, I was little jealous of Sarah because she get's to be with Devon. However, I cannot dwell on Devon because I need to get over this crush. I talked to Mary Lu about it and she said whenever I think about him, I need to start immediately think about something else. It's just really hard because the last few days I've been obsessing about him. I just wonder what Sarah and Devon are talking about because he just found out that his friend died today.

My roommates have noticed that I like to obsess about things. I know that's because of my Autism. We all do this. We have particular interests that we obsess about. I think it's because not many things interests us. I just hope that I don't sound like a broken record saying things over and over again.

I just like Devon because he makes life fun. He's always over here all the time which makes it really nice. However, almost always that doesn't happen. So, I need to start focusing on Trevor instead on Devon because he supposedly he likes me. I just need to get to know Trevor more and make more friends. Devon said that he could be leaving in April because of a job in California. It's funny that both Devon and Sarah don't want to be here. They are here anyway because they know that's what Heavenly Father want's them to do. I need to pray to Heavenly Father about Devon. I just want my feelings for him to go away so I don't obsess about him.

I was thinking about when was the last time I was by myself with a guy in the car. It was with Andrey. When we were dating, we spent so much time in the car together. I know we spent to much time in there because we would just sit there and talk. We are not suppose to do that because that's what Bishop Fisk has asked us not to do. I just though of something. It's kind of funny that girls and guys don't have curfews if they are out in the car with each other. They can do whatever they want. They just have to leave the apartment at 12 A.M. every night except on Fridays. On Fridays, they have to leave at 1:30 A.M.

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