Friday, March 23, 2012

Talking to a Dentist

So, I talked to a friend of mine who's a successful dentist. He said that he can prescribe drugs and do major surgery. He thought that not being able to prescribe drugs to for certain patients would be a major pain. He said that some of these people are in pain and normal OTC wouldn't work that much. HMMM. It really depends on what type of practice I want. Right now, I am thinking about adjusting athletes and children. I'm totally going to include adjusting the extremities. My dentist friend said that X-Rays was a good way to cover one's self. I agree because there can be anomalies and things that I would want to know about before I start adjusting. I am thinking about using X-Rays in my practice for a good fair amount of my patients. If I do that, that means I really need to get good at looking at X-Rays. I would love a digital X-Ray instead of a normal one. I love technology and want to incorporate that into my practice too. I want to be an all paperless one. I don't want my patients fill out any paper forms. I want them do it all on computer because that would be so much easier for me.

If I use X-Rays, I am going to get good views because I know some chiropractors use really crappy ones. The ones that I got from Maximized Living were really crappy when I started chiropractic college. My friend said that he has a CT scan in his practice because he does major surgery. I have never knew that dentists use and own that type of scanning equipment. I know that just looking at my CT scan from last November, it's totally different interpreting and knowing what the heck I'm looking at from normal X-Rays.

Another thing that I started thinking about is medication or drugs. I'm still conservative/moderate depending on one's view about it. I'm more moderate than most people in at Parker University about the use of drugs. Today, I took to Excedrin pills instead of one to get rid of my migraine. I get migraines frequently. I still get them at least once a week. Now, they come in the form of tightness and tenderness on my skull, usually on one side. If I don't watch it, it becomes really bad that it pounds especially I get up too fast or bend over. Plus, it can get worse if I read something. Today, it came on all of a sudden before my diversified pratical. I felt somewhat nauseous and sensitive to loud sound, so I took an Excedrin so I could feel better. My dentist friend said that tired muscles in the jaw could be the result of migraines. I thought that was interesting. I am totally going to work with other professionals when I get into my practice. I really want to find out what Bishop Fisk, who is a chiropractor practicing in Spokane, WA, believes. All I know that he uses drops, takes X-rays by an older machine, and uses Pettibon System.

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