Sunday, March 04, 2012

Freaking out

So, I'm a little drawn to writing a little tonight. Again, this is just getting my thoughts down and emotions right. On Friday afternoon/evening, I had migraine even after taking a nap for an hour. Jeremiah worked on my neck for a bit. I was so happy and thankful that he did that because I had a whole bunch of tension in my neck. I neck still feels pretty jacked up on one side. I pointed out the tension which was pretty much right behind my mastoids. I believe in soft tissue work because I felt better after he massaged that area. He also practiced adjusting my neck.

If I keep writing in this blog while I'm in school, my classmates will discover this blog. I know I will write about all of my classmates too. Jeremiah is a young father of a 13 year old month girl. She is so cute!!! His wife is perfect for him because she's shorter than him. Jeremiah is pretty short himself. His Dad is a chiropractor and lived with it's philosophy his whole life. He's in all of my labs this trimester. So, I have gotten to know him pretty well. He's a pretty good friend. He's LDS too. There's another LDS married guy in my class. His name is Andrew. Both of them are very white, but have Asian last names. I think that's pretty funny. :)

I went to Philosophy Night on Friday since Jeremiah said that there was going to be food. I was pretty happy that I avoided gluten by eating a hamburger patty, a veggie patty, a turkey patty, and potato chips. So, the veggie burger took a little while to get down. I was allergic to something in the turkey patty because the inside of the cheeks swelled up. I might be allergic to some pollen because itchy tongue and swollen cheeks are the symptoms. The patty was cooked outside. This started happening to some fruit that I ate at Giselle's house. I reacted to a fruit which I have never ate before in my life or some strawberries. Now, raisins cause the reaction. So, I avoided eating some cookies at the Philosophy night.

I felt a strong love for Jeremiah during the event. It's not a romantic love like everyone thinks about. It's the love that I have for all of my close friends. I developed a love for quite a few people over the years. I even love President Monson even though I haven't even met him. I love Bishop Gould. Twice I cried in class during lecture for DXI because I missed him. I'm still part of the group from my old ward back in Provo, Utah. Thus, I get emails telling what's going on in the ward. On Friday night, the Relief Society went up to Brother Hatch's cabin up in Heber to have some fun. After dinner and activities, Bishop does a question and answer session. I felt the Spirit every time he spoke to us. I was going through a hard time the last one that I went to. I remember crying when he spoke to us. I remember talking to him and to my relief society president afterwards. Anyways, I texted that I will always have a special place for him in my heart and sent a spiritual hug. He sent one back and said that he feels the same way about me. That's the think, I love to love people especially when they love me back. I can get pretty emotional.

I've always had a problem summarizing things when I want to write about a whole bunch of topics. The main reason why I wanted to write tonight is because I'm freaking out right now. So, I want to continue to try this gluten and casein free diet. I like to spend around $80 for food each week. So after the event, I went shopping at Walmart and spent $86. I took a whole bunch of time because I was deciding what I wanted to cook and what I needed to get. Plus, I had to find everything. Then, I didn't go to bed until this morning because I got distracted watching videos on my phone. That's the thing, when I do stuff that I'm not suppose to do, I go all out because I know that will not do it again. So, I pretty much stayed up all night.

Today, I discovered that I lost two of those recipes. I washed my car and went to Sprouts to get the rest of the things I needed. Then, I went to Best Buy to find some earbuds for me since I lost my IPod and earbuds that the Assembly a week and a half ago. However, they didn't have the kind that I wanted. So, I wasted an hour because I couldn't find what I was looking for. I need earbuds that can hold up and which are good quality because I go through one or two earbuds per trimester. I use them every day because I love music. Whenever I'm on my computer, I listen to lastfm which is the best radio station out there because it plays my type of music which is pretty much classical.

When I went to Walmart to exchange a roaster and pick up a few things, I realized that I forgot my three recipes at Sprouts. That means that I probably lost them for good. They took away the grocery cart without me checking to see if I had everything. So, I'm not taking any recipes to the grocery store again. When I went home, I started freaking out because I already spent my weekly grocery budget. Plus, I still have to cook something for me during the week because I'm running out of things. I finally found four things which look pretty easy and quick. Plus, they don't call for much ingredients. I found everything by 12 AM. I wanted have fun with the internet since I was on it, mainly me watching videos.

Now it's 3:15 AM. I have this standing rule that I do not buy things on Sunday. However, I don't think there's any way for me to cook during the week because I have three tests, a lab assignment, and a quiz. All of these will take up all of my time. Plus, I'm freaking out because I haven't studied for my diversified practical yet which I have to take Monday afternoon. I have to listen to both of my classes on Monday because I am failing DXI and barely passing Gross Anatomy. I really need to study Diversified and know all the verbiage. I was planing on studying Friday night and all of Saturday because I really want to pass that practical. However, I got distracted, rebelled, and then went on a wild goose chase. Me trying to eat healthy is taking more of my time than I expected. Just doing this is taking my time. My sleep schedule way off right now because I'm still up. I got up at 4:30 in the afternoon today.

I get anxious and freak out because I want to obey all of my rules. I'd much rather go to bed than go to Walmart right now.

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