Sunday, March 18, 2012

It Gets Better!!!!!

Hi. I just want to say that I cooked today. It took forever though. I cooked Country Chicken Stew which tastes like Turkey Soup, Chicken Ala Can Can, and Egg and Hash Brown Pie. The Chicken Ala Can Can is pretty good for how fast I made it. I replaced the Cream of Celery with Split Pea Soup by Amy's because I knew that I liked it. Plus, I forgot to add another five ounces of chicken. Cooking the bacon, making, and eating fried eggs made me take awhile for me to make the Chicken Stew. Plus, I didn't add the third peeled potato. So, I have it sitting in my refrigerator. I haven't tasted the pie yet. It looks good though. It took 60 minutes to cook it instead of 30. Ya, it has cheese in it. I have decided to get back onto dairy products since I don't like vegan cheese. I tried three kinds. The two that didn't casein where terrible and the one that had casein was tolerable. Plus, I am reacting to fruits and vegetables. Last night, I reacted to Walmart frozen peas.

I have been feeling a little light headed and tingling all over all day today. I was like this on Thursday morning too which sucked. So, I have no idea what's going on with me. I have noticed that my temperature like to be one degree lower than normal. Maybe that's why I get cold easily. I gave up on the Penlac that I have been using for my fungus on my right big and ring toes. My big toe has gotten worse. I just want to take the medicine which s hard on my liver. I don't really care because I know that will take care of the fungus. It cleared a whole bunch of the fungus during my last month at BYU. Ya, I don't mind the idea about taking drugs even though I'm at chiropractic school. At least I'm eating better again. It's so weird that my classmates are very supportive of me trying to change my diet. My roommates at BYU thought I was crazy. It's a very different environmental here.

Cesar Millan inspired me today by saying that, "It gets better". He was taking about getting bullied. He was even bullied a little as a kid. It's going to get better for me when I get out of chiropractic school. Dad says that running a business will be easier that me trying to pass all of my classes. I am really looking forward to that day because school isn't that much fun right now. I know I should enjoy the journey. It's hard though because I really want to do well. So, I stress and work really hard. Then, I get really tired and grumpy. I have push myself some days when I get really tired and still have to go to lab. It really sucks. It's going to get better.

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