Friday, September 22, 2006

Boxing movie

Here is a boxing video that my friends put together.
I have no clue to put this movie on my blog. I'm the girl in the blue shirt.

This was when I first started in karate back in February. I noticed that we were aiming for the head, not for the body. In addition, we were throwing wild punches left and right. That doesn't take any skill what so ever. None of us had any training in boxing or in any martial art. In addition, the living room was way too cramped to fight in. We didn't have room to attack and escape. Most of the fights ended up against the wall.


supergroup7 said...

Blue shirt? I didn't see any blue shirt. I saw a maroon shirted dark haired lady, and a cream shirted blond lady.

I would suggest that you do not consider playing such a game like this now that you have received training in the arts. It is a rule in both of my dojo that our karate is NOT to be used unless we need to for self defense. If either one of my Sensei found out that I had done sparring outside of the dojo for "fun" there would be serious consideration about whether or not they would continue teaching me. Karate is not a game, it is a responsibility.

I have always commented honestly.. so I would like you to know that I wasn't impressed by the behaviour in this video. I feel that it was not a smart thing to do.. and it goes against karate Do.

lizzie said...

Thanks for telling me Supergroup. If my friends get together and start doing that again, I won't participate.

Anonymous said...

Boxing and karate are two totally different things.

lizzie said...

Supergroup, I'm the tall one in the second chick fight.

lizzie said...

That is true Becky. However, I could use my karate training when boxing.