Friday, September 29, 2006

A Picture of Mark and my former Sensei

I aquired this from the Jundokan International website of Chicago. This picture is of three Sensei. Chinen Sensei on the left, Sensei Mary in the middle, and Sensei Mark on the right. Chinen Sensei doesn't look very well in this picture for some reason.

Sensei Mary is a very good Sensei. I loved when she taught us. I had so much fun.

Sensei or Sempai Mark is the person who I worked with on Bunkai Oyo in Gasshuku. In addition, he was the director of Gassuhuku. I liked working with him because I had a lot of fun and he allowed me to be myself.


tony said...

You should read my concordia blog.
It's about me at school. Sorry about your... guy. You should e-mail me the whole story, it may take me a while to respond. Talk to you later.

lizzie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Tony. I visited yours and I saw that you just had two entries.

Anonymous said...

I know all three of them. Sempai Mark is nice, but not very good. Sensei Mary Roe hated me. Her techniques were ok, but very rigid. And Sensei Chinen was one of the best Karateka I have ever seen. The problem is he doesn't teach what he really knows.

lizzie said...

If you are there anonymous, why do you say that he doesn't teach what he really knows?

I know that some people don't like anonymous comments; but, I think that they are fine.

santaro said...

Well, nobody's technique looked like Chinen Senseis at all. it is clear that he did not teach what he knew.