Monday, September 18, 2006

School starts tomorrow

School starts tomorrow and I have mixed feelings about it. I love learning and going to school. However, I don’t like the endless workload. I get so tired of it that I don’t care about school anymore. I work so hard that I burn out each spring. I was feeling a little burnt out of the beginning of spring quarter and at the end of it, I really had to push myself to do my homework because I was so burnt out. At that time, I didn’t know it because I still wanted to do summer school. However, my dad said not to because I needed a break and therefore, I didn’t go.

When I was a senior in high school, my annual burn out wasn’t that bad. It was my only quarter and semester in my high school career that I had straight A’s. The only time I acquired straight A’s before high school was in the eighth grade on the last quarter too. I hope that this years burn out will be like when I was a senor in high school and not like last spring. It was terrible.

I’m going to take Calculus, Advanced Chemistry, Aquatic Fitness, and Karate. I’m not excited for Calculus because I know it’s going to be very hard and time consuming. Luckily, I’m going to have the same instructor that I had for Intermediate Algebra (Math 99) last fall. I just hope I don’t have to work with the disabilities office when I take tests because they only let me take them for a time and a half. That’s barely enough time when I was in math 99. When I was in pre-calc II last spring, it took me twice the time or even a little longer to take a test. At least I don’t have to take it for all three quarters. I’m only going to take it for one quarter and then, I’m done with math at SCC.

I was nervous about Advanced Chemistry because I thought I was going to the next step from high school chemistry. I have forgotten a lot of it because it took it over a year ago. Luckily, my teacher suggested that I should keep all of my papers because I’ll need it for college. Once I bought the book, I realized that I’m going to relearn everything that I learned in high school. I’m going to take three quarters of chemistry and that equals two years in high school. I only took it my senior year in high school. Probably, this quarter is going to be a giant review to me, except for the labs. In high school, we only did a lab per chapter not twice per week. That’s what happened in Biology 101. I learned the same things that I learned in Advanced Biology in high school. The labs and some chapters at the end of the quarter were completely different though. I hope that Chemistry won’t be hard and as time consuming as Calculus.

I’m taking Aquatic Fitness because I want to be in better shape. Karate isn’t enough. I don’t know what to expect in that class. I know that I won’t go swimming though. I just hope it won’t be filled with old people.

I’m excited for karate because I’m going to get more one on one with Sensei. In the dojo, he teaches everyone and hardly teaches at an individual basis. My Sempai usually teaches the younger students one on one. I know that I won’t learn that much in class. However, it will be good to work on the basics because everything evolves from them. I just wonder if anyone from the dojo will be there. I’ll know by tomorrow. I just hope that the class won’t be so small like last spring because the school threatened to cancel it.


Becky said...

Good luck in school. How did the first day go?

lizzie said...

Good and bad. Good day with school. Semi-bad day with karate.

supergroup7 said...

School.. ah yes.. sorry about being so late on commenting on this one.. as you know I've been busy catching up on everything.

School... High school is not at all similar to College, or University. I can understand how you are feeling.

This is the moment when you start making some difficult choices, and finding that inner strength that it takes to continue reaching for your goals.

To find the motivation so that you do not burn out, you need to write a lovely paragraph to yourself and post it right where you will see it everyday, and every night. In one very deep personal way, answer this question for yourself:
"I am going to school because..."

Why, Lizzie? Why are you going to school and taking chemistry, and calculus? What is your goal? Where do you see it taking you? I cannot give you the answers because it has to come from within you, otherwise it will not motivate you.

I can tell you why I choose to be a stay at home mother. (This is not an easy choice.. let me tell you.)
I do this because I chose to invest myself into the future of my children. I want to build them up so that they will have the best start to their lives as they enter adulthood. I empty, and sacrifice myself for the hope that they will grow, and have a blessed life. I feel that this is my calling in life, and I have embraced it. So on those days when I want to curl up, give up, run away from home, and join a circus.. I cling to my inner conviction, and goal, and I chose to be a stay at home Mom for another day.

Here's hoping for a positive, successful, and energy filled year of learning for you!

lizzie said...

I go to school because I want to major in Zoology and be in Vet school at WSU. That's what motivates me.

supergroup7 said...

Oh WoW! My daughter has expressed that she desires a career working with animals as a Vet's assistant. What field are you looking to go into? Working in a zoo? There sure are alot of zoos out there!

lizzie said...

All I know is that I want to be a Vet. I don't know where I would want to work at, but a zoo would be cool. I just don't want to work with livestock.