Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Path of Karate

David posted this in his blog on Monday, September 11, 2006. I could hear one of my Sempai saying this to me in the dojo.

The path of Karate, no matter what style, is not an easy path to follow. It is meant to be an uncomfortable and trying path to the extreme. The old saying goes something like this, “If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen” or Dojo as the case may be. There is also another saying that I am very fond of, “The strongest sword is forged by the hottest flame”.

Sensei is not supposed to be a nice person, neither are his Yudansha or any of your senior Sempai ahead of you. They are there to test you, to push you to the brink, to tear you down and build you up again. This is NOT a path for the feint of heart so if you are not willing to pay your dues, to go through your trials of blood, sweat, and tears as your seniors have done, then you are not in the right place and need to just quit right now, otherwise you are just fooling yourself and wasting everyone else's time.

I would rather be focusing on my own training; working on some kicks that I know need improvement, working on modifying my form to keep in line with those practiced in the school of my current Sensei, than work with someone who is not willing to give it everything they have regardless of the bruises and beatings.If this is you then I will run you out of my school because you do not belong here, if you are sincere, then I will put your sincerety to the test, the harshest test you have ever experienced. If you are unable to take it, then I guess you were not so dedicated after all.

This is a truly unforgiving path, it is not supposed to be nice and cozy like a local fitness center, we are not here to make friends or to socialize! This is a Karate Dojo, we are here to learn and practice Karate! You need to get in this mindset and truly push yourself if you are going to last, otherwise everyone will leave you behind. That sort of failure is completely unbearable and it is on your own head as to whether the path cultivates you are destroys you.

No one is special, the path seeks out and tests EVERYONE regardless of level, regardless of teacher, if you are not truly tested in this way then you are NOT PRACTICING KARATE!

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