Monday, September 18, 2006

Sensei found out

Sensei found out about the thread. My Sempai told and printed it off for him so he can read it. Then, he said that that's all lies and I shouldn't have done that. He said that I'm kicked out of the dojo. I said that I'm really sorry so, he has forgiven me. Now, I have to talk to my Sempai and tell them that I'm sorry. I think I can go back to the dojo when I talk to my Sempai.

I’m wondering why all of a sudden my Sempai got excited enough to tell Sensei. What did they find to make them angrier? The only thing that I can think of is, but I deleted that. However, the act just asking about Sensei behind his back is bad enough. I wonder if they found my blog yet, but I didn’t lie about Sensei. However, I did talk about my Sempai and told everything what they have said to me on my blog. Plus, some people hasn't agreed with what's going on in the dojo. I think that would get some really mad and excited. I think that’s it because some just knew about the threads and they weren’t all that excited before Sempai Linda talked to me and Sensei left to go somewhere. I just don’t know when he left. Now, every black belt knows what I did. Do I need to change the names on my blog and delete some posts which I talked about on my blog so I can cover my tracks and won't get into so much trouble?


ZenHG said...

Cover your tracks?? That is not a very Karateka thing to do.
'Honesty' is included as part of your Karate practice, so is 'humility.'

If you want to continue your training, then you must show that you truly want to continue your training by training ALL aspects of your Karate, not just the physical aspects.
Think about your Dojo Kun, what does it say, does it mean anything to you? Those are more than just Dojo guidelines, they are a way to better yourself as a person.

To cover your tracks would be contrary to your Dojo Kun and would seem dishonest and not very humble at all.
No, you need to come out honestly and completely. Ask for forgiveness from your Sempai, Sensei has already forgiven you, but you should have gone to him in the first place with any questions you may have had.
Next, you need to vow to yourself as well as them that you will just focus on your training when it comes to Karate, no more 'Kuchi Waza' or Mouth Flapping drills.

Accept responsibility for your actions, humble yourself, be honest, admit to your mistake and correct the error.
That is the way of a Karateka, not to 'cover your tracks.'

blackbeltmama said...

I go to karate to get away from the drama; it seems like you have more drama at the dojo than away from it. I don't know Lizzie. I might take this as a welcome opportunity and look into other martial arts schools. What kyu are you?

supergroup7 said...

Welcome Zenhg. This is the first time that I've seen one of your comments on Lizzie's blog.

From your words, it appears that you have knowledge of Lizzie's situation... May I assume that you are one of her Sempai, perhaps? or a good friend?

I agree with your comment that it is in the path of honesty, integrity, and commitment that we see personal growth. We each need to accept that we are not perfect as we struggle to improve our character. We all make mistakes, and it is how we handle our mishaps that help us to learn wisdom, and to appreciate the more difficult road of training not only our body, but also our mind, and hearts.

I am pleased that Lizzie's Sensei now knows of what has happened, because this allows for a deeper relationship to happen between all the members of the dojo. Goodness can be pulled out of every negative happening. This event can bring out the kindness, forgiveness, patience, and humility out of the Sensei/Sempai of the dojo as they remember that they also have made errors on their path that they may not be too proud to admit, and it can be a momentous moment for Lizzie to express herself, and to learn how every life moment is precious.

Depending on how people choose to react to this situation, it can bring goodness, or sorrow. I, myself, will hope for positive effects.

supergroup7 said...

"Do I need to change the names on my blog and delete some posts which I talked about on my blog so I can cover my tracks and won't get into so much trouble? What if it's too late?"

When you accidently break someone's window, is it wrong to go and fix it?

Is it wrong to look at what you have said, and then choose to correct those things that could cause further problems in your dojo?

I would call that "preventative" correcting. I personally feel that it is a MUST when one is weblogging.

It is never too late to do preventative editing on your weblog. A weblog is a public thing which means that anyone, and everyone can read it. Sure.. we live in a free world where we can say whatever we want. ( Freedom of speech!) However, I feel that it would be prudent for your own personal security not to treat a weblog like a personal diary wherein you tell your deepest inner thoughts. I would save those intimate impressions to share simply with my closest friends.

Yet, that is only my own choice.

ZenHG said...

Thank you for the comments. I do hope that this has positive effect on Lizzie and does bring everyone closer together as a Karateka family.
I am one of Lizzie's Sempai, though not originally from her Dojo.

My Teacher is from a different organization, but has trained with her Teacher, as have I in the past.
Now I am a student of her Teacher, hopefully for a long time to come.

lizzie said...

Thank you David and Supergroup.

BBM, I'm a 6th kyu, a green belt.

lizzie said...

Supergroup, he is one of my Sempai. I don't know if he's higher than me yet because he just started this dojo. However, he's been training lots of years and has lots of knowledge and wisdom.

Anonymous said...

Lizzie, your blog IS a journal--a place to write your honest thoughts and feelings. They have NO RIGHT to tell you what you can post and what you can't. You are not being openly disrespectful, and if they respected you, they would recognise that.

I'm with BBM on this one, it's time to find another school.

supergroup7 said...

Hi David, ( ZenHG)

As a newcomer to Lizzie's dojo, you are placed in a very special spot wherein you can see all of the situation with "outside" eyes, and have a real honest viewpoint of all the different aspects.

I believe that you can be there for Lizzie in a way that I cannot with your experience, and wisdom regardless of the outcome of this event. (whether or not she is allowed to continue training in the dojo) Please help her in her struggles to come out of this standing on her feet.

Sometimes it helps just to know that there is one person in the group that is a supportive presence in harsh moments.

supergroup7 said...

Becky? I have a question. Would you be willing to place the words of your weblog on the front page of a newspaper so that everyone can read them? I would be willing to do so, because there is nothing in my weblog that I would not say to the person face to face. Sure.. I express my thoughts, and feelings but I do so with responsibility for what effect they may have on others. My goal is to build up others, and encourage them in their goals.

My point is that the Internet is similar to a newspaper. The main difference is that it isn't local, but global. It is available to everyone in the world. You never know WHO will read them.

Therefore, in my opinion, the words that you place on the Internet need to be done in prudence, and with discretion. A bruise on the arm will heal within a few days, but a sting of harsh words can stay in the heart of a person for the rest of their lives. That old chant of "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me." exists because of the fact that words are far more powerful than weapons.

I bet you that whole martial arts organizations have crumbled more through negative interchange of words rather than any sparring sessions. Would you agree?