Thursday, September 28, 2006

I Quit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stupid dojo and Sensei. I quit the dojo because what happened to Sempai David. For his reason why that he's quitting, look at his blog.

I'm going to find another dojo where the Sensei is respectful, kind, and helpful to other people, especially his/her students. I would love to message board about him telling people to avoid his dojo because I don’t want others to be brainwashed, manipulated, and abused. However, that would make my Sempai and Sensei angrier. I'm going to find another dojo that will fit my needs better. My Sempai and Sensei are so brainwashed that they don't know what’s the difference between right and wrong. My Sensei is so concerned about his reputation that it's he's willing to kick people out of the dojo. My Sensei and Sempai are far from the path of karate. For example, Sensei said that HE’S the ONLY one that can teach karate in the community colleges and in Spokane in general. I don’t want a Sensei that is that prideful and puffed up.


supergroup7 said...

I'm sorry to hear that things are not going in a positive direction for those people in your former dojo.

I'm happy to hear that you have made a decision in your life as to what you want to experience in your training. I will pray that you find the kind of Sensei that you are looking for.. "a respectful, kind, and helpful" Sensei. This is what every martial arts student deserves as they train on their path. I have been blest by finding very many examples of this kind of Sensei as I have been training.

No matter how this situation ended, you still have many positive memories to hold with a smile in your heart. As for the negative memories, I would encourage you to forgive, and allow them to fall to the side. They no longer have any power over you... That was then.. and this is now. Carry away the good things that you have learned, and drop any negative things that might make you feel worse. Learn from the negative things: Promise yourself that you will not become that way yourself, and then make efforts to build yourself up.

Big hugs to you as you start on your new path Lizzie.

lizzie said...

Thanks Supergroup. I will never become like that. Thanks for softening my heart a little.

Now, I have to drop karate at SCC.

Becky said...

Lizzie-san, I am so happy that you are trying a different path.

Some advice, don't just join the first dojo you walk in to. Visit several--several times each, then make your decision as to which one you feel is the best for you. Black Belt Mama posted a list of what to look for in a dojo. I recommend you review it as you visit each dojo. Also, don't be afraid to try a different style if needs be. The founder of my style had a saying, "All bottles are good", meaning that all sytles of karate have their strengths, and none is really superior to any other. Find the style that suits you best.

I also suggest you do not message board about your sensei and sempai, and not just because you fear their anger. Don't do it because you are better than that.

Most of all, continue to blog. A sensei who is confident in himself will never be threatened by anything you had to say.


supergroup7 said...

I'm making a wild guess here.. but I think that you might not be delivering that apology on October 3rd?

supergroup7 said...

"Dropping karate at SCC"

Sounds like a plan.

Time to start looking for a new home. Perhaps you, and Sempai David can find a new home together.. you never know. His example these past weeks have made me think that he'd make an awesome Sensei.

I wonder if he'd be willing to open a new dojo somewhere....

blackbeltmama said...

I'm glad to hear that you have taken a stand. That was not a healthy environment at all. Before deciding on another dojo, I would spend some time observing, researching and talking to the students and instructors. I read the post you linked to, and it just all seems so immature and petty to me. Those people are control freaks, and they now have two less people to control.

ZenHG said...

It is unfortunate that things turned in this direction.

We have to remember though that people are people and no one is perfect.
Karate-Do is not a path to perfection, it is a path to accept ourselves regardless of our own imperfections.
We must look at this with a humble heart and a clear mind, forgive, but do not forget, and hope that one day this particular Teacher realizes the error in the path they are walking and sees the need for a change.

The Teacher is a good teacher and has the potential to be a great Teacher, but that is dependant on their focus, whether or not it shifts from their current path to a more humble path.
They are not evil, they are just people and sometimes people make mistakes.

One thing I have noticed about the school is that the students there were ignorant of other lineages of Goju Ryu.
When I mentioned my lineage through Seikichi Toguchi, they did not know what I was talking about. So they are under the assumption that Goju Ryu comes from this Teacher and his Teacher in a direct lineage to the founder. There is definitely a 'one true church of Goju Ryu' feeling here and this is very narrow.

It is unfortunate and I am sorry that you had to have the experience Lizzie, but sometimes we need these experiences to help us grow as individuals.
Be thankful for the lesson that this Dojo provided.

lizzie said...

Lol, Supergroup. No, I won't be making an apology on October the third. That would be cool that David could become a Sensei in Spokane. I would love to learn from him.

Thanks everyone for the support. Becky, I won't messageboard about the bad stuff which happened to me in the dojo. It came across my mind. You are right that I'm much better than that.

Sensei Michael said...

I'm also an advocate of multiple styles; despite what some will tell you, there is no perfect, all-inclusive form of martial arts that will make you better than everyone else.

I started in Shotokan and that's what I teach, but there was a lot to learn from the other styles that integrates into what I teach; overall it really strengthened my karate to be a part of something else.

ZenHG said...

Thank you very much for the compliment.
I am going to be actively teaching in the community of Nine Mile Falls Washington.
Depending on how this goes and how much time I have available I would also be willing to go to Spokane and teach on an individual basis for those who request it.