Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Revamped my blog

I majorly revamped my blog. It always seems like I'm always editing it. I deleted posts that were negative about my Sempai and Sensei. This was my own decision because I didn't want anyone else to read those things. It took more than four hours to go through my whole blog. I had to print the posts and comments that I wanted to change in my blog. I know printed more than 50 pages. I didn't realize that my blog was that big.

I accept full responsibly for my words on my blog if my Sempai has read them. I realized that I wrote my blog expecting that my Sensei and Sempai wouldn't read it. I treated my blog as a journal. In a journal, I can write anything that I want in it because no one will read it or care. It’s a thing that I can express my thoughts and feelings without repercussion. However, that's not the case with a blog. I said some things that I wouldn't say to my Sempai in person. I couldn't believe how much I had to delete.

I feel better now, because I fixed one of the problems. Now if one of my Sempai reads this blog, I wouldn't care because it doesn't have any thing that would get me into trouble. (I think.) Now, I really need to work on school work. I should have been working on that than revamping my blog. However, I knew this needed to get done.

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