Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stupid Sleep Schedule

Guess What? I wasn't under a stupid fog this morning. That was wonderful because I didn't have to force myself to go to class. So, I was awake for all of my classes. Then, I went home and read this for fun: How to Save New Brain Cells: Scientific American. It was very interesting because I had no idea that the human brain was capable on making new neurons. Then, I explored around Scientific American for a few hours. Then, I researched a little about brain plasticity. When I found this really cool video called Mixed Feelings. Just now, I was exploring videos for wired science. Now, I spend a lot more time researching my interests on the internet instead of doing homework. Of course, all the things that I read and watch about about Autism, chiropractors, health, and the nervous system. It's very interesting to read about all the this. However, I do get into trouble because I need to be spending this time to do homework instead of entertaining my interests.

Anyways, after I researched for three hours, I started my search questions for my BOM class. I couldn't do it on Tuesday night because it was way too late. So, I took a chance where Professor Williams wouldn't take search questions because of application papers. However, I was wrong. He took them because they were done grading the application papers. So, I got a 100% on my application paper. Which is really nice because it's not going to be that easy in my other classes. I hopefully I'll turn in my late search questions, ask him if I can look at the questions I missed on the last test, and ask him about the book we have to read for an assignment. I have two books that I've already read over 200 hundred pages. I just need to get those book approved by him.

Anyways, I went to the review. During it, I started to get really sleepy. I was going to study with a fellow class mate after the review; however, he said that we could study an hour later. So, I waited for a half an hour; but I realized that I needed to go to bed because I knew I couldn't study that tired. So, I left him a note, walked home, went to bed, and slept for seven hours. I was too tired to go to inner tube water polo which I had to pay 20 dollars to play a half a game last time because I'm a part time student. I was planning on going but I didn't want to sleep deprive my body. I did need the exercise though. Then, I accidentally missed my visiting teacher which were going to visit teach me at 9:30 P.M. So, my sleeping schedule is messed up again. I haven't had so many problems with it before. I don't like sleeping during the day because I missed things like I just wrote about. It's healthier and more productive to sleep at night and to things during the day. However, I don't like to go to bed on time. What really messed me up was staying up during the weekends. Then, it messes up my weekdays where I have to get up early.

I need to study for my Neuroscience test for tomorrow and my O-chem test that's on Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm really nervous for that because it's going to be three hours long and there will be problems that I haven't seen before. We wants us to be exhausted after we take it. That makes me really nervous because I haven't done that much practice problems. Plus, I'm slower than everyone else. I don't want to be there for four hours. That's going to fry my brain. I don't like that feeling.

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