Monday, February 16, 2009

E-mailing Dr. Clark Part 2

I need to go to this Chiropractic Neurologist because it took me five hours where it was suppose to take me just one minute to a half hour for me to start writing. I wanted to go to bed six hours ago. I had the chance on going to bed on time tonight. But I blew it because I got distracted on the internet. Oh, I just want to become normal. I got on my laptop again because I wanted to write in my blog and study my scriptures first. First, I started watching video game reviews on a website called Then, I checked my e-mail and read more about Dr. Clark. I researched a little around brain-based learning. I wanted to find out what that was. Then, I found this site. I haven't finished reading it yet. Then, I wanted to e-mail Dr. Clark again. Here's the e-mail that he sent me:

I can't give you any "advice" specific to your situation until you've been assessed by us. I think I should send you a DVD about our treatment program so you can decide if you'd like to come to Dallas to have that done (a one-day process).
A few points:
--There is no single cause of Autistic Spectrum Conditions and no single treatment. That means mercury may be a factor, but its certainly not THE factor. (the DVD will talk about this)
--"Cure" is an interesting word. I prefer to say that "recovery" is possible. Absolutely possible.
Dr. David Clark

Then, here's the e-mail I sent back:

Hi Dr. Clark,
Thanks for e-mailing me back. I looked through your website a little more and found why your approach is different. I knew why already, but now I know why you would like me to come to Dallas for a day. I will look at your DVD too. If I come to Dallas, that would display tons of trust and confidence in you on my behalf. I'm a poor college student. I don't have the money to come to Dallas for a day. So, I would have to convince my parents to give me money just to get there. Then, I don't know how much the testing would even cost. Right now, I have health insurance through Brigham Young University, so I doubt it will cover anything. Thus, you need to promise me that I will see improvement in my Asperger's Syndrome. So, do you think I can start learning faster with different subjects if I get treated by you? Will school become easier? Will I have less problems of being distracted all the time? Will I be able to explain things easier? When I went on a seven week mission, I was able to explain things better with the amount of practice that I had by talking to tons of people. Will I get faster in general? Will I be able to get implied meanings in conversations without people saying it banging the meaning over my head? After I'm done with treatment, will a normal psychiatrist say I still have Asperger's Syndrome? I'm asking you all of these questions because I'll have to present a pretty strong case to my parents. They are paying for my education already. I'll have to present some pretty strong evidence that your treatments will help because probably they are expensive. When I went to my local chiropractor, I had to pay all of it by myself because they thought that just anyone could help my balance. They don't believe in expensive nutrient supplementation, which come from plants, that the body actually picks up and uses. They believe in the cheap supplementation that you get at the grocery stores, which come from inorganic compounds like rocks, that the body doesn't recognize and use. If you help me present a good strong case that make sense to my parents, I would be most grateful. I would give anything in the world to become normal like everyone else. Please, I just want to trust you; but I have to become really wary when it comes with money.

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