Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Amost a whole 24 hours

Man, I'm tired. I technically stayed up "all night". Yesterday, I went to bed at three and got up 10. I'm only guessing because I don't remember anymore. So, I stayed up all night researching about chiropractic neurologists and reading a chapter for neuroscience. Then, I put up fliers for our fajita night on Thursday for Enrichment. I couldn't remember which building our ward has for Regency which has three large buildings. So, I thought that we had two buildings and did building number 2. Then, I took a shower and went to three hours of O-chem. At the end of O-chem we had a fire drill. It took me forever to gather my things that a guy told me to leave. It was a good thing, I was about ready to head out. I hate fire alarms because they will cause hearing loss. They are too loud. Then, I watched devotional from by apartment. I learned it's more profitable to give money away because it makes us happier. It releases good and decreases negative neurotransmitters in the brain, thus making us happier. I found out the speaker was Roman Catholic instead of Mormon. I was very surprised because it seemed he was Mormon. He was a very good speaker because he kept me captivated and tuned in. After that, I dinkered more on my laptop until I was falling asleep. So, I set my alarm clock at 3:35. When it went off, Sarah said my name so I could turn it off. My brain didn't want to start. It took shear will power for me to climb out of bed. I had to go to my Neuroscience review for my quiz tomorrow. After that, I finished taping the fliers to the doors at Regency. It turns out that we only have one building and I did the wrong one. I didn't have enough for two, so I went to the other building to see if anybody left theirs up still. However, the first and second floor didn't have any. I noticed there was a message saying to ignore the Fajita night and some to their ward activity instead. I couldn't believe how fast they responded with that. Then, I went to the laundry mat and was there for 2 and a half hours. Then, I went shopping a little because I needed water to last me until tomorrow. These past few days, I haven't had my water. I've been missing it and started drinking the drinks that I have which are usually sweet. Now, I'm not going to do my BOM homework because I'm too tired to. I'm going to have five hours of sleep which isn't a good thing. Hopefully, I won't kill myself tomorrow morning like I did today (my brain not wanting to start and being under a fog). Good night.

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