Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Immune Responce

I was looking through the frequently asked questions on the Brain Balance site. This is the question: Do you believe that there is a cure for all learning disorders? This is what he said: "We do believe there is a cure for these disabilities. We have been able to completely recover and or significantly improve the vast majority of children we work with. The exact mechanism as to how this is improving brain functions needs to be studied more before we can say it is a cure. However, there is no doubt that the brain has the ability to repair itself. Through the principles of neuroplasticity the brain has the ability to grow new connections; the brain cells can become larger and more efficient. We can improve the timing and rhythm between the two halves of the brain and make them more coherent. It is even now thought that we might be capable of actually creating new brain cells. This all happens with the proper stimulation of particular circuits in the brain. This is best done with a combination of environmental and cognitive based stimulation directed toward smaller deficient circuits. We also know that many of the children we work with seem to have imbalances in their immune response. Their immune systems are overactive and they appear to be suffering from autoimmune problems. This leads to chronic lifelong inflammation of the body and the brain. We believe this inflammation and autoimmunity also starts in the brain. The brain controls the balance of the immune response. The left hemisphere activates the immune system, the right suppresses it. If the child has decreased activity in the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere is relatively increased we will see this same effect on the immune response. The child will have an overactive immune response and may show signs of autoimmunity. Eliminating foods that the child may be sensitive to can be helpful but this does not correct the problem. If the problem is secondary to a functional imbalance in the brain the only way to correct the immune imbalance is to correct the brain imbalance."

Dr. Clark talked about the overactive immune response in his DVD. I wonder if I have that. I hardly get sick. However, it's really hard for me to lose weight. I don't really know how. I would like to so my stomach and sides won't be so flabby. :) I just eat when I get hungry. Lately, I've been trying to eat foods that don't contain the things that are harmful to my body. It would totally make sense too if my immune system is attacking my brain and making my brain slow. That is a scary thought! That would be so cool if we discovered that adults do make new neurons. Right now, they are saying our brain cannot. However, we still don't know much about the brain. I've realized that more and more when I read from my neuroscience textbook.

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