Thursday, August 06, 2009


I'm totally ecstatic right now because I got a 97% percent on the Scantron portion on the test!!!!! I didn't find out until tonight because the scores wasn't being posted on the TV like usual inside the Testing Center. I started yelling. When I walked out of my room to tell everyone, Sarah said that I couldn't to that because it was almost 10 P.M. Then, I told Rebeka and Preston. They were really happy for me. I'm so happy because have never got such a high grade on a test even at SCC. I give this high score to the TA's because they told me what I needed to know for the test. I love TA's!!! They make my life so much easier. They helped me so much during O-chem in the winter too. I survived and passed because of them. They help so much because they explain it where I can understand it. Plus, they emphasize what I really need to know for the test. It's pretty hard to pick out what one needs to know through the lectures and the book.

I'm so happy that I took it today because I would have ran out of time yesterday. They said it will take two to two and a half hours. I normally wait until the last second to take the test. I took the test for three hours and ten minutes. I don't usually like taking tests on the days I have BJJ. I missed two hours of it. That was a blessing though because I'd rather be late for BJJ than miss points on my test because I ran out of time. I took my time and checked all of my answers. I was thinking about not doing that because I wanted to get to BJJ as fast as possible. This kind of score makes me so happy. I'd rather do well in school and have fun with BJJ than have a social life any day that's for sure. I feel really bad when I get bad grades. I honestly hate it.

I'm so glad that I went to BJJ today even though I had 50 minutes of training. Roberto made me run around 10 times. I did my twenty push-ups and thought I was done. However, I was wrong because he said I needed to do 80 more. I had to do 100 push-ups total. Then, I did sit-ups/crunches for two minutes. When I first started, I did sit-ups until my abs couldn't take it anymore. Then, I did crunches for the rest of the time. Then, I sparred against everyone because loser stayed in. I managed a sweep when Pinky was on my mount. I defended better when I was in his guard too. I had a water break when Chris beat me. Then, I had to defend myself because Pinky and Taz went up against me at the same time. I just when into side position until they got me onto my back. Then, Taz armbarred me. I was so glad that Roberto worked me really hard for that short amount of time. I love sparring. I think it's because of the physical contact and stimulation. I just love rolling all over the place and going hard.

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