Thursday, August 13, 2009

Watching Videos Works

This post is going to be small because I've been goofing around instead of studying for stats. I still have to go through one more lecture and tomorrow I have to take the final. I'll make sure that I'll go through all of it. However, I don't know if I'll go through the practice test.

I'll tell you something, watching the internet does work. First, here's the Aikido rolls which I need to work on. I like this video the best.

This is another move that we have worked on. We don't exactly do that move, however the concept is the same. I just need to remember to slide my leg across his stomach and pull the guy forward. We do the Scissor Sweep when they have a skinny base. If they have a wide base like me, we do all the same motions, but put the foot on the knee and drive it backward to sweep him.

Advanced Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Scissor Sweep Move from Guard Position -- powered by

I did a variation of this guard pass on Christan today. I saw that he was going to grab one of my feet so I moved them towards the center.

Advanced Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu No Holds Barred Guard Pass -- powered by

I used this counter on Taz today. However, he rolled over instead. It still worked because I got out of the triangle. I watched more of his guy's videos, but all of the were too advanced. So, they don't apply to me.

Ссылка: The Fighter's Arsenal BJJ Jacen Flynn: A-Hole Defense

I'm getting better. I'm pretty much sweeping mostly everyone who mounts me. However, I'm still very rusting in being someone's guard. Good thing that we worked on that a lot today. I was taught another guard pass. However, it was really hard to pass Christian because he kept on wanting to armbar me. I'm not very good defending at that position yet. He armbarred me twice. Once from mount because Roberto was in the way of my sweep and one from being in his guard. I went up against Exzavior (I have no clue how to spell his name) twice. He's eight or ten years old and a yellow belt. He's so small. I know I suck at attacking because I was having trouble submitting him. I'm suppose to submit him a lot faster because I'm much heavier than him. So, I won with an armbar from mount the first time. Then, I tried it again. He got out. So, we did the BJJ circle. I mounted and choked him. Ya, I really suck at attacking.

I cried again today because I was shooting wrong when we were drilling a move. I have no idea what I was doing wrong. Roberto made me do twenty push ups. I almost got upset about that, however just focused on using all of my arms when doing knee push-ups. When I get tired and want to stop, I have a tendency to use my thighs when I want to rest a little when I come up from the push-up. I know that doesn't help me any. So, I did a little more than 20 push-ups. Then, I had watch Christan shoot while Taz did the takedown defense. I got upset because Roberto didn't tell me what I was doing wrong and give me a second chance. So, I started crying. Roberto asked me what was wrong a couple times. I didn't speak because I knew what I was crying about was stupid. I knew that if I would speak, I would have cried harder. So, it was easier to just leave it alone. My feelings just got hurt.

I was kicked in the groin today. This was a first for me. Taz was doing a simple sweep that we learned today. I was standing and he was on the ground. Instead of putting his foot on my stomach, he put it in my groin. So, I yelled out in pain and went down. Roberto asked me why I yelled. I motioned towards my groin and he understood what happened. Good thing there wasn't any pain after it happened. Good thing I'm not a guy either because I'm sure it would have hurt worse.

I knew this wouldn't be small. It took me two hours to find the videos and write this. Ugg. I wanted to go to bed at 12. I was thinking about not posting anything. However, I know a few people read this now. So, I started writing. It's hard to stop when it's about something that you love. I'm just glad that today wasn't as painful or frustrating as Monday.


ZenHG said...

Okay, so what type of sweeps are you doing? My favorite is the scissor takedown from guard and transition to mount.
Mainly because from here I can roll into a 'mount' position driving my knee into their Tanden (just below navel and just about groin, hurst worse than a groin kick) give a good punch to their face (or slam their head to the matt repeatedly) before coming to my feet.

If you are doing the 'kick back' where you just push their knee from under them, I don't really like this position because there are several additional steps to getting to the mount and then to your feet.
This is good when the opponent is attempting a mount or prior to their coming to the ground, kick their knee and then roll with it, but not so good when their already down lording over you.

Some great things I have learned work well are pinches, yes, pinches, armpit, legs, neck, inner arm, ect.
They're painful and irritating, work well both standing and ground, and also ear grabs, I call them granny grabs and have taught them directly from Kata.

Head butts are great too, but when you're on the bottom they are not so effective.
Tickling can work too, depending on the opponent, it catches them off guard and really throws them for a loop.
Of course biting is out of the question in a training scenario for obvious reasons, but works.

Also, learn unbendable arm and apply it to the whole body, work on your rooting through Sanchin Kata and people will have a hard time taking you down or sweeping you over (especially with that stupid knee-up-ankle takedown, where they press their knees together, thrust up and pull your feet out from under you at the same time).

Just some pointers, take em or leave em.
Some more pointers that might be in keeping with your class, just breath, remember Sanchin, and be aware of your arm and body placement.
Side controls are a good example, there are vital points in everything, in a side control it is usually the hips and the head, there are vital points for control in the mount and in closed guard/open guard, butterfly guard, back mount, ect.
Taking the back and achieving a back mount is possibly one of the greatest positions I have found as it is very hard to defend from this position, especially when you force your opponent to roll with you and you end up on the ground.

Look for key points of control, those vital points of your system designed to support the strategy and keep you at an advantage.
Techniques are unimportant and there are trickes you can use to keep your opponent off 'balance' mentally and physically.

These control points are the key to principles of motion, they are the cream of the crop, the center, the cornerstone of BJJ and any other art for that matter, regardless of position, every position has points that can be exploited, look for them, learn them, use them...

Lizzie said...

I'll answer your sweep question in the next post. I see that you miss understood the "kick back" sweep because one ends up in the same position as the scissor sweep.

What are the vital or control points???

ZenHG said...

I wonder if I did misunderstand? Hmmm. Interesting.
Maybe it is something you prefer a bit better than myself. ;)
For me, I am not going to shift to a mount with it, I will use it to get out from under my opponent and get back to my feet.
Going to the mount is two extra moves, the scissor sweep is a direct transition, much more effective in a pinch.

Lizzie said...

If you don't want to sweep the guy, you could always kick him. It may be easier to sweep him though because being on mount is really good. If they want to keep on fighting, you can choke them from that position until they go to sleep.