Monday, August 10, 2009

Birthday Today

Well, it's my birthday today. Ugg, I have a tired headache. My head wants to go to bed. Today was nice because Sarah baked me two cakes even though I'm not really big on cakes. I'd much rather have ice cream. At least she enjoyed baking. I'm going to take the cakes to FHE tomorrow. I know that I usually don't go because I miss it. Tomorrow it's going to start a eight. So, I'll be a half an hour late. They are going to have dinner for an hour and watch the videos that the FHE groups made. So, I'm glad that I'll be able to join.

Six or seven girls came over for cake and to wish me a happy birthday. I was sang to twice which I thought was cool. One set sang and left. Then, another set came and sang to me. Lots of people on Facebook wished me a happy birthday. I remember just joining before my birthday last year, so not many people wished me a great day. I told everyone thanks and asked them how they were. Kristi responded and asked how I was. This is what I said: "Good. This week is finals, then I'll have two weeks off. Next week, I'm going to Montana to visit a friend that I haven't seen for years. Then, I'll be in Spokane for a few days. After that, I'll camp in Priest Lake for a week. On the 29th, I'll go to Lagoon with Courtney. (She's from Spokane and going to BYU like me.) I'm totally excited for my vacation!!!"

Chris Heimerdinger created a new blog today. He hasn't updated on his other blog for six months. Hopefully, he'll start writing in this one more. This is what I said on it: "Thanks so much for updating us. Ever since your website shut down, I periodically wondered about my favorite author. I meant to comment on your other blog, but somehow it forgot. I sort of think it as a gift for my birthday because it's my birthday today.

I would like to tell you that I love all of your books. I think that the Tennis Shoe Series are just as good as the Harry Potter Series. I couldn't put them down when I started reading them. I love those books because they have a lot of action, adventure, and humor.
I'm just thankful that I was able to read your website when it existed. I didn't really care about the forum. However, I did love the questions and answers part. I remember asking you about coffee inside of ice cream. You said that one should have that type of ice cream. Thus, I haven't had Mocha Almond Fudge ever since. That was at least five years ago. Those questions and answers strengthened my testimony when I was a teenager.

I'm sorry that it had to go and very sorry about the divorce. That really stinks. I'm glad that you remarried though. You should come to BYU and give a firesite for the student wards one of these days. That would be so cool. You are probably right that there are more bloggers than readers. I would read books more, but the internet loves to take all of my spare time.

I liked Passage of Zarahemla. To be honest, if I wasn't a fan, I would not liked it because of some of the cheesy parts and low production value. Since I read the book, I liked it. One part really reminded me of the Tennis Shoe Series which I enjoyed. I'm sorry to hear it wasn't profitable."


ZenHG said...

Happy Birthday Young'n! ;)

Lizzie said...

Thanks David.