Friday, August 14, 2009

Scissor Sweep

OK. Well, I've been thinking what types of sweeps that I know. So, far only three. Two from guard and one from mount. Here's one of the scissor sweep from guard:

I really like this video because it shows lots of variations. I really like the set ups to armbars and triangles. I have to remember this video when I feel comfortable with those two techniques. I haven't been able to pull them off when sparring. The only armbars that I've done so far is from mount.

I forgot. I know the sit-up sweep from guard too. I didn't know it was called this until the guy in the video above called it that. This is a move that I learned from Coach Pease. We drilled it a lot. The key is to drive your hips into the guy and make sure to catch his arm so he can't block the sweep. I need to remember that he he sits back and doesn't have an arm blocking me, I can sweep him. I don't know if I pulled this off during class at BYU.

I found an article explaining the scissor sweep in detail. It even explains to push knee when he has his base. It's called Stupid Simple Scissors Sweep. I found another article about the basic sweep. I'm reading and watching everything I can about this sweep right now. It seems like that if I have a heavier opponent, I have to really pull on him or just push on his knee.

Now, I'm watching more videos about the sweep. It's another one about changing the sweep into an armbar.

This video reminds me to get on my side:

Scissor sweep from spider guard:

Sit-up sweep to scissor sweep:

David, this is what I was talking about pushing at the knee instead of the whole leg. In this video, he says to push on the knee at an angle instead of straight back.

In the videos I've been watching, one can end with a cross collar choke. This one shows an Americana.

If the guy grabs on to my obi, I can slide my left hand under his, lift to grab his elbow, make a figure four, and then pull to make him lose his grip. I practiced a scissor sweep by myself. At first, I got confused and put the wrong foot down when shrimping. Now, I'm pretty comfortable with it because I watched ten billion times now.

This is the mount sweep I'm talking about. It's called Upa. It's a cool name. I do it when they try to choke me. They do that because I hide my elbows inside their thighs to not expose my arms. If I do that, any one could do an arm bar for me. I don't have the strongest arms.

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ZenHG said...

In either case, I know how to push straight back and at an angle.
In either case you have an extra couple movements to get through to the mount.
The scissors is most direct to the mount, nice smooth transition.