Wednesday, August 05, 2009

BJJ VS Other Styles

I'm hungry and should be asleep already. I love being on the computer checking my email, facebook, and blogger. That's what I mainly spend my free time on. So, I went through all the lectures today. However, I skipped lab because of Sarah and Rebecka. I talked to them three to four hours last night. So, I fell asleep at four in the morning. That's why I didn't write. Sorry. However, I did read my scriptures which was good.

Ya, I figured that my sleep was more important than trying to stay away during lab. Now, I have to go through the practice test. I'm going to take the test tomorrow, so it's a late day. It's still Tuesday. I have to pay five dollars to take the test. I want to take the practice test during lecture because I always sleep during it. It's funny that I always sit the front row, right in front of the professor. One would think he'd get upset or some thing, but he doesn't. I'm glad that he doesn't care. I've only missed lecture and lab once so far. So, I'm doing pretty good. I'm still nervous for this test because it's going to be harder than the other two. Then, I'm going have to catch up for the yesterday's and tomorrow's lectures.

I was bad today and read most of a really long thread on Spokane Martial Arts Forum. It's 10 pages long, so I skimmed through to see what I liked. I can see both point a views. It's funny that it was started than none other than my good internet buddy David. He's the one who went to Sensei Chinen's dojo for a month. He created a huge debate about how MMA'ers have bad attitude by promoting their style is the best. It was pretty much TMA vs MMA. I was very interested in reading it because I'm having this debate with in myself. I mean Karate vs BJJ.

I know that my Sensei, Roberto, thinks that BJJ is the best style out there. He says that it can beat any other style. He even posted Youtube videos about it on his website. He's probably going to change those video's because he's has been constantly changing them. I don't really feel like posting them on my blog because they're old and don't reveal that much. The videos has a really good point though, styles that focus on striking are screwed if they fight against a person on the ground. The guy said that fights start first with striking, a clinch, then the ground. I keeping hearing that 90 to 95 percent of fights end up on the ground. I'm pretty sure that if I fought, I'd end up on the ground every time because of my bad balance. My standup sucks anyways. I just don't know how reliable that percentage is though. I've been thinking it's more to 75 to 80. So when I have more time, I'm going to read all of the and give more commentary about it. Probably, I'll post on that thread too.


ZenHG said...

It is not the art, but the artist, that makes all the difference in the world.
BJJ is only a slight variation on Japanese Judo, formulated to include more emphasis on Ne Waza because that is what was winning competitions and matches.
It is a good TMA to study, I have studied it myself.
Villa Sensei has studied it and has also done quite a bit of Ne Waza in Judo - Goju Ryu includes Ne Waza or Ground Training in its' cirriculum too.

However, I've heard those statistics many times over the years, and based on my own insights, they are not founded in reality.
They are based solely on BJJ's track record in the Cage.
If you look at much of what is written on BJJ for the street, it includes mostly escapes and almost no ground fighting.

The Street has variables, too many, they cannot all be accounted for and statistics can never capture such a chaotic ordeal as it does not conform to statistics.
You may have a guy with a knife, a gun, or you may be facing down several people.
You also have to account for rocky terrain, whether or not there is broken glass, the curb, cement, other objects such as cars, bar-stools, ect.

Levi, who also studied BJJ tried to get me in a guard one time and I dropped my knee right on his groin by slipping it through.
This shot would be illegal in the Cage, so you won't see it, thus this enhances BJJ and ground fightings' effectiveness even more in that arena.
In the street, however, everything is fair game, biting, clawing, using weapons, groin shots, eye gouges, ect.
You can even break bones in the street.

I advise you to take these statistics with a grain of salt. It is good to understand ground fighting only to know how to fight your way back to your feet.
Other than that, I would not rely on it as my primary means of defense if I am facing some thug in a back alleyway.

Don't get caught up in 'this style' vs 'that style,' it is a moot point, every one of them has their ups and downs; it is the artist that makes all the difference.

Lizzie said...

I responded to this comment two posts above this one.