Thursday, August 20, 2009

Going through internet withdrawls

I'm going to post what I have written the past few days. I miss the internet badly. I'm always on it all the time. Now these past few days, I haven't been on in it and miss it badly. The internet makes my life easier by having having Google Maps, checking to see how much money I have in my bank account, and seeing the dojos I can go since I'm in Spokane. Without the internet, I feel sad and lost. Being on the internet makes me very happy. This sounds really awful. Last year, I would have to take breaks from the internet because I spent way too much time on it. Now, I can't even take a break from it because I need to use it for valid reasons. Thus, making my life a little difficult.

Monday, August 17, 2009

It’s late and I’m not tired yet. Ugg. Story of my life. I was getting depressed because I didn’t have the internet.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I’m going crazy because I don’t have the internet. I need to check my balance in my bank account. I need to print a route to Ephrata so I won’t get lost tomorrow. I’d much rather be writing this on my blog. However, I just sit and get distracted by the TV. Since we don’t have TV, I like to watch it at Grandma’s house. Thus, I waste my vacation time. I’ll try to be better tomorrow.

So, I went to my old dojo today. Today was sparring class. Nothing really happened during it. We stretched without warming up of course. It takes like a half an hour. Then, we did frontward rolls, backward rolls, cartwheels, wheel barrows, and piggybacks. Mariah just got her Black Belt in June. She was a purple belt when I first started in the dojo. A guy that I worked with tonight was a blue belt now. When I left, he was a white belt. I don’t know his name, but I like working with him.

We learned some combos from the jab and cross. I don’t remember much of them. First, we did a jab, jab, cross, and roundhouse to the leg or body. It depends where we focus the punches. If we focus them on the face, I’ll throw one to the body. If I mix it up with head and body, I can kick to the head. Then, we did a jab, jab, cross, round house, and spinning back kick. We did the back kick because the other guy moved his leg. We worked on a some sweeps. When ever the blue belt swept me, I would most of the time land on my back. Whenever I did that, I would put my knees to my chest to be ready for him to fight back. He really noticed that. He said that I looked ready to defend. In reality, I was because of my training. I was way more comfortable punching at his head now because I’m more aggressive now.

Since I’m getting tired and need to go to bed, I’ll tell you about sparring. We started from our knees. I sparred with the blue belt. Before when working with him, he could tell that I’ve improved. I mounted him, but he threw me off. He armbarred me when he was in his guard. I wanted to go again, however our time was up. Then, I sparred with this white belt that didn’t know anything. So, I worked with him. I could tell he was out of shape because he took a little break when working with him. I wanted to teach him more things, but our time was up again. Then, I went up against Mariah. She kept a good open guard. However, I passed and mounted her. Then, I choked her with my below and above her neck.

The last one was a brown belt. I mounted him really easily. When mounted he kept on trying to throw me off by pushing me with his arms. With him giving me his arms like that, I armbarred him twice. When I beat him the first time, I told him not to expose his arms, but did anyways. I used what Brian taught me by pushing his face with my hand to get my leg around. I really wanted to spar with Levi, but kept on saying no. He said that he’ll only spar with the teens because of his knee. He said it’s a progressive injury. I guess it’s pretty bad. I really wanted to spar with him to see how good he is. Oh well.

I did pretty well. I’m just glad that Levi didn’t make me sit out in one of the rounds like he did with other people. When working with beginners who doesn’t really know about grappling, it makes me feel better about myself because I actually beat people. It’s really cool because I never beat anyone. With the blue belt, I lost partly because he’s stronger than me. So, I’m getting better. I’m just thinking about if I need to really work on striking. I think that any experience that I get with striking and working with other people is good. If I get into MMA, I think that I’ll resort to the ground because I’m more comfortable on the ground. It’s a lot slower on the ground than on the feet.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I’m watching more cage fighting on TV. When I first watched UFC on paper view for the first time, I thought it was pretty boring. It’s probably because I didn’t know the fighters. I know if I want to keep a following on the fighters, it’s going to take time which I don’t really have during school. Right now, I’m watching a lot of TV. The last two nights, I watched WEC and the Ultimate Fighter. Earlier today, I watched a show that was all about Chuck Ledell. He’s one of the guys that I watched on UFC 100. I thought that it was pretty interesting. When watching it, I commented when watching the show. Evan knows all the classes between belts. He knows a few things about fighting. He said it’s more interesting that boxing. I agree that boxing is really boring. I think that this type of fighting is the most interesting to watch out of all the martial arts. I mean when I watch the art that Supergroup practices, it doesn’t look that real. I know that they are punching and kicking for real. However, they don’t throw and punch to the face. So, they get all of these body shots. They can kick to the head. I thought that Hapkido looked better.

So, watching these fighters fight was interesting. Most of these fighters protect their heads really well. Sometimes, they get hit in the face, but keep on fighting. Sometimes when getting kicked or punched in the head, they’ll get knocked out. When watching Fighting Science, I learned that’s a severe concussion. I know that’s not good and will catch up to you when one gets older. Muhammad Ali has Parkinson Disease because of his boxing career. It’s the disease where people can’t control their tremors. They slowly get worse while their mind still is sharp. Yuck, I wouldn’t like that. I’d much rather get choked out than knocked out. Getting chocked out is relatively safe and has no lasting damage.

So, when watching these fighters, I could tell that they made some mistakes from my view anyways. One guy had another guy's back. I couldn’t believe that he didn’t choke the guy sooner. Then when a guy was on another guy’s mount, I couldn’t believe that he didn’t armbar the guy because he was really exposing his arms. I heard someone screaming to armbar him many times. He still won because he just ground and pounded him in the face. I’m getting better at seeing things which is good.

Ugg. I need to do something for my training. Today, I haven’t done anything. I just know I’m going to stick with BJJ for a very long time. When I move, I just need to find the right teacher. I’m just thankful that I found Roberto during the my first year of schooling in Provo. I have no clue when I’m going to graduate. However, I’m thankful that I’m going to have sometime to train with Roberto. My quality of training is so much better now than what it was. When being a wheelbarrow last night, I noticed it was easier for me to walk on my hands. Normally, I struggled to walk of them. This time I didn’t which is good.

Well, I’m going to go to Ephrata tomorrow. Evan’s watching TV right now while playing his phone. Right know, it’s almost two thirty in the morning. I need to go to bed because I want to get up at a reasonable time to go to Ephrata. This morning, I got up at 12:30. Mom says that I should get up at 8:00 tomorrow. I know that I won’t do that because probably I have Evan turn off the TV at three. I’m interested in the show that he’s watching anyways. Plus, I’m just a little tired right now.

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