Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm a Girl

Man, I'm tired. BJJ was fun and not that painful. However, I did feel my bruises in on my shins and feet when working with Chris. Both of us were switching back and forth with one is trying to mount the other. First, we used butterfly guard to try to sweep the other to get to mount. The other person is trying to pass the guard and mount them. I liked working with Chris because our skill level and strength level is about the same. He's really skinny and light. So, I have a better chance against him. When working with him, I actually put my knee on his stomach so I can get into mount. I thought that was pretty cool because I haven't done that before. No one has done that to me except Ethan.

I used the scissor sweep against Chris today. It worked; however, he put his knees up so I couldn't flop on him. When I get into side or full mount, I tend to flop on the person. So, I knock the wind out them. :) It's pretty funny actually. When sparing with him, I ended up into his guard. He kept on pulling me down when I tried to pass his guard. Pinky and I kept on telling him that it wasn't doing anything. I knew he was wasting his strength. I was in his guard for quite awhile because I didn't have enough strength to keep him from pulling me down into his chest. I finally passed it, mounted him, and won. I found out that when I get on top of him, he can't really breathe because I'm so heavy. I thought that was interesting.

I sparred with a new guy named Baylin today. He's 21 years old, a student of Chuck's, weighs about 170 pounds, goes to UVU, and taller than me. With every new person, Roberto makes them spar with everyone to see where they are at. So, I was the first person that he sparred. This was the first time I didn't get nervous when sparring with a new person. I did pretty well. I swept him when he mounted me. I love that because being in someone's guard is so much better than being mounted. I'm not very good in guard yet. I lasted quite awhile with him in his guard. I kept on trying to pass it, but couldn't. He finally got me into a triangle and jointed locked my elbow at the same time.

I need to watch more videos about passing someone's guard. It really helped with the scissor sweep. Roberto doesn't get into that much detail when describing a move. I was crappy at butterfly guard because of that. I didn't know how to sweep Chris. I just need to see a move a lot of times so I won't forget it. I don't think I'll forget the scissor sweep anytime soon.

Roberto was pretty impressed because I lasted seven minutes with him. It didn't seem that long. Roberto said it's because time flies when sparring. Baylin beat Chris pretty quickly. I think that Christian lasted longer than me. Pinky and Baylin fought forever. Roberto finally stopped it declaring that they tied. I talked to Roberto about sparring with guys.

Baylin said I'm tough after we sparred. I asked Roberto along the lines of why new guys always think I'm tough. It's because I'm a girl. I'm not as strong or athletic as them. I'm the slowest when we run. He said that when I get to spar with other girls, it will be easier because all I do is spar with guys. I would think that most girls in a dojo would always spar with guys too. However, I noticed that at BYU, girls always like to spar with the other girls. Again, I was brought up sparring and working with guys because they are my size. I'm a lot taller and heavier most girls. I'm just glad that Roberto noticed an improvement today. Yay!! Now, I'll go to the BYU club tomorrow to see how much I've improved. I just hope that there will be people there since finals are over with.

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