Sunday, August 23, 2009

Missing Provo

So, this is really stupid. I found out that I can have the internet at my Grandma's house the last night that I stay here. Of course, I can't be on it for very long because I have to go to bed. I'm going to drive three hours to Priest Lake tomorrow. I hate driving!!!! I'm very tired of driving long distances. After my incident when driving home from Ephrata, I don't feel like driving any more. On Monday, I have to drive with my Dad to Spokane for a eye appointment. At least, I'm getting new glasses. Then, I'll drive back with him. So, I'll be in a car for six hours on Monday. At least, I'm going to read instead of driving. I'm going to let Dad do that.

So, it looks like that I'm going to have a few days of camping instead of a whole week. I'm planning leaving on Thursday, spend the night in Anaconda, leave on Friday, and go to Lagoon on Saturday with Courtney. I might want not want to do that if I love camping too much. I don't know. It's going to take six and a half hours to go to Anaconda from Priest Lake instead of my regular four. That totally sucks!!! Hopefully, dad will fix everything in my car. If he does, I think that I'd be able to listen to my books on CD better. Right now, my car is so noisy when going around 80 miles per hour.

Man, I miss the internet!! I also miss BJJ. I wanted to go to Spokane BJJ today. However, Mom suggested that I shouldn't because we were getting ready to leave today by buying and getting everything out of storage. However, the bottom of my thighs are killing me right now because of the lunges that I did on Thursday night. Two muscles towards the side of each thigh are really sore. It really hurts going down stairs. Plus, they hurt when going up them and transition from standing to sitting. It sucks really bad. I'm not used to my thighs always hurting when I do a certain movement. I just hope that they'll start feeling better. I'm starting to think that I enjoyed myself better at home than this vacation. It's nice seeing the family. However, I really miss the internet, BJJ, having my own space, a bed, and not driving all the time.

It's been really nice seeing Miss Piggy, our cat that lives with Grandma. It turns out that I'm bugging Grandma because I'm get too loud when watching TV. She sleeps upstairs with her door open. I watch TV downstairs. Instead of complaining, she could have shut her door and the door that leads to downstairs. She said that she didn't want to latter door because the cats only has a litter box downstairs. However, she could have made sure there were no cats upstairs. She also could have used ear plugs if she had them. However, she just made comment instead stating she couldn't decide whether she wanted to put me down or Cinder yesterday. Cinder is a dog that she had since I was little. I remember him as a puppy. I think he was almost 15 years old. Miss Piggy is 11. He had to be put down because his hips gave out and has been blind since April. I could take offense of what Grandma said to me today also. I told her that I was sorry that I'm too loud sometimes. Well, tonight is better because I'm not watching TV.

I wrote this to Roberto when I first started and joined his website:

Hey Roberto,

You know me. I had lots of fun tonight. Thanks for saying that I can join for free. I'm really happy because as a college student, I don't have that much money to spend. Thanks alot. I'm just hoping that there is going to be more instruction on Wednesday because tonight there wasn't that much. There was just lots of practicing. I have lots a fun grappling with you. Hey, teach me how to get your arms because I couldn't do anything even though I was in mount. (I still don't know how to yet.)

Oh ya, I wanted to mention about Goju-Ryu, the style that I'm half way towards a black belt in. This is the website of the dojo I trained in: The Family Karate Center. (If the link isn't working, it's . There's lots of links that you can look through to learn more about the art that I trained in. There are a few videos that my Sensei made for the kata I have learned. I have learned all of them expect that last. That's brown belt level. I'm a purple belt.


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ZenHG said...

What is the value in knowing 12 Kata?
That is the problem with most systems, you learn 12-30 Kata, but you don't really understand them.

When a Kata is truly understood it can be utilized both standing and on the ground.
You experienced this at class when you were able to beat just about everyone in grappling. Goju Ryu is known for its' grappling, so why do you think this is?

In the old days a person would learn TWO Kata, Sanchin, and one other of their Teacher's choosing.
Even then, if they were learning the same Kata as someone else they would never learn it in exactly the same way.
Of course I am not referring to what you or anyone else thinks of as Kata. :)
Kata was different in those days, it was not a 'dance' or something you 'perform' at tournaments and for a test.
It was an effective training tool.

Look up Iain Abernethy, read his articles, follow the links, join the forum, buy Kris Wilder's books, get some insight and you will understand the true essence of Karate a little better.
You will see how it can go hand in hand with BJJ and won't view it as a lesser art.

Brown belt doesn't matter unless you really understand what you are doing.