Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Taking a Nap in the Library

I had a productive day today. I went to bed at 12:40 last night and got up at 7:00. I read the Daily Universe during O-chem recitation. Plus, I found out that I have an O-chem test that starts on Friday and lasts until Monday. That really freaks me out because I still have to go through two chapter today. These chapters are notorious for taking a lot longer than I plan for.

After recitation, I went with Jason who's a friend of mine in O-chem to devotional which we sat a room in the back of the library. One gets to this room via the back of the library instead of the front doors. When it first started, my contact started really bugging me. So, I rubbed my eye. Then, it wouldn't come back down. I don't like it when I have a blind eye. So, I went to the bathroom to find it again. Afterwards, I went back to the class room to watch the devotional. However, my contact was really bugging me. I wasn't really surprised because I wanted to switch to new ones this morning because both are over a month old and one was bugging me.

So, I went to the bathroom again to take it out. In the bathroom, I met a sister who was on my mission. She asked about school and whether if I was going to the mission reunion which is going to be in Draper Utah and on the (sixth???). I gave her my phone number because she was willing to give me a ride. Colby might give me a ride too because he's in the same ward as me. He was one of my zone leaders. I thought he was pretty cute when I was serving.

I took it out. However, it didn't want to go back in because it was very dry. So, I spit on it a little because I didn't have any contact solution on me. When I stuck it back in, my eye burned and started watering. So, I took it back out again. Then, I stuck back in again and it only bothered me a little. So, I went back to sit with Jason to finish watching the devotional. Jason was falling asleep because he had five hours of sleep last night. The speaker was talking about gospel gifts that weren't in the usual topic of gifts of the Spirit.

Then, I headed over to the SWKT to study in the computer lab. As I was walking towards the building, I saw Rachel who was in Coach Pease's martial arts class during the spring. We became friends in the that class. I visited with her for 10 to 15 minutes. I learned that she doesn't like to socialize that much. She wants to be either a pharmacist or a anesthesiologist. We parted our ways in the library. I wanted to see if there were any study rooms on the first floor where I could study. I found one where it can't be reserved. Plus, it had a one person desk too. I was happy because people reserve the study rooms and like to kick me out. That's why I haven't studied in the library that much during the fall and winter.

While studying O-chem, I became really sleepy. My body doesn't like six hours of sleep. I tried sleeping on the desk, but kept on waking up. So, I laid on the floor next the the door so people can't see me sleeping if they look in. I used my coat as a pillow and slept on my back. I'm very surprised that I fell fast a sleep and had a dream. I was dreaming that someone else was in that study room while I was studying. He told me to turn down my music. I'm very surprised because the floor isn't very comfortable and it takes awhile for me to fall asleep if I lay on my back and don't have anything covering my face.

I'm almost finished with chapter 24 in O-chem. I worked on a few problems for a good hour or so. When I hit the mechanisms, I just copied them because I was taking way too long and wanted to go to BJJ. Hopefully, I'll finish chapter 24 during lecture tomorrow. It got out of the library at 7:35. I had to really hurry because I wanted to grapple. Open mat is eight to nine. I grappled with John who's part of the BYU BJJ Club. I felt that I did pretty well with him because I mounted him for a bit and had him in closed guard for a good amount of time. He became frustrated because I none of my attacks were working. I guess he didn't being in my closed guard. I only know basic attacks so give me a break if none of them were working in my guard. He wasn't that successful on trying to break my guard either.

After open mat, I talked to Paul Tom more about childhood anger, Peyote, and the LDS church in general. He said that many people don't take Peyote because it makes them pretty sick. He said that a person is screwed in the head if they use peyote for recreational purposes. The Native Americans use it because they think its thins the veil. Paul Tom said it's their sacrament. I really need to go to bed because it's 1:10 A.M. I still need to do my infectious disease quiz that's due tomorrow night.

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