Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Kimura to Omoplata

I can't write for very long because I need to go to bed. Gerr. Right now, I'm excited because I'm thinking about BJJ. I love BJJ. The training that I'm receiving at Paul Tom's dojo is much better than Roberto's. I'm getting more tools for how to attack and defend. The attacks I'm learning are very detailed so I can understand the mechanics of them. Asking people how to counter certain attacks really helps too. I've noticed that I'm strongest at defending kimuras, cross chokes, triangles, and somewhat with armbars too. I've been defending from those moves so many times now. BYU guys love to submit me with kimuras on side mount because they have so much more upper body strength than me.

I love Paul Tom's dojo because I get to ask a lot of questions. Today's class was tailored for me because we worked on transferring from a kimura to an omoplata. I feel really comfortable with a kimura from guard. I can set it up by isolating one arm by gutting my knee towards me and grabbing his wrist. Then, reach over their shoulder without moving perpendicular yet. Then, I cinch and then move perpendicular. To finish the move, I place my far foot on their hip and my other leg across their back so I can finish by moving my arm. If they are too loose, I slip past my knee from their arm by pushing off their hip. Then, throw my other ankle into their throat. Then, I transfer back onto my back. Then, I can wrist lock the guy. I can lean on his arm and do an arm lock depending on where his thubm is. If the guy rolls, just roll with the guy onto side mount with an arm isolated. Or, I can do the full omoplata. I have to make sure that his hand is close to his body. Then, I lean into him and finish the move by leaning and grabbing underneath his far shoulder.

I became a little of an animal again with rolling with Dave. I was trying to push him off of me by throwing my leg in his face while in side mount. I really need to put my hips away from him because it didn't work. That's when he commented that I was becoming an animal. Probably, it doesn't feel good having someone put their hands on your face and then trying to throw a leg afterwards. Dave said that my base is really improving when we started from our knees. I'm very happy with that. Jerry showed me a calf crusher when sparring today. When someone is on their knees, you pick a side and side a leg between their knees. Then, you figure four their leg, grab their ankle, and fall back. You could have them or they can roll and armbar you in defense. Jerry said that I can defend from an ankle lock by grabbing onto the guy so he can't extend.

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