Sunday, March 07, 2010

The 20th Annual Hunger Banquet

So, I'm getting somewhat frustrated with O-chem. I have to spend countless hours on homework. It's about 35 to 40 problems per chapter. However, most of them have two or more different problems within each problem. Thursday was really productive for me because I spent five to six hours on O-chem. I was really happy about that because I got through half the homework for the chapter and went over my last test with Austin who's one of my TA's for O-chem. Friday, I took a BOM test and then, wanted to celebrate a little. So, I watched five episodes of Stargate SG1.

Today, I went to the BYU BJJ Club. Then, we ate at the Commons on campus. I should have left them earlier because I got home at 4:00. Then, I took a shower and took 45 minute nap. When I woke up, it was close 10 minutes to seven. I didn't want to get up. However, I didn't want to waste the eight dollars which I payed to go to the hunger banquet which was in the wilk. I should have stayed and did homework it wasn't worth my time. 10 percent of the guests had a real meal that were at tables in the front. 20 percent sat in chairs and had less food. 70 percent including Rachel, Katrina, and I sat on the floor. We were served beans and rice in a bowl without any utensils. There were two torillas with the bowl because it was made to serve two people. I didn't have to share because I was by myself. Katrina and Rachel sat in front because they were there before me. They served tap water in these little baggies to each person. They sold chips and pop to people who wanted them.

I couldn't see the dancers that much because I was in the back. They were preforming ground level. They were Aztec dancers that danced only to drums and looked a little like Native Americans. Some of them had big headdresses that contained huge pheasant tail feathers. I saw dancer that had bells strapped around their ankles. Then, they had Sri Radha Krishna Temple Group that does the Festival of Colors chant for us. After that, the keynote speaker Martin Burt who was a mayor of a capital city in Paraguay. He helps people get out of poverty by creating schools that teach young people how to farm efficiently. He said that he's very happy of BYU because we are one of the few that believe that we can teach the poor how to make money for themselves. The banquet had a really good message and was a fundraiser, however; I should have done my O-chem. So, I only worked on it for 40 minutes today. I have five problems left. However, I can see they will take me an hour to finish my homework. I wanted to finish this chapter by this weekend.

I'm stressed because I'm getting overwhelmed. I have so many things to do for school. I have to some chapters of the Book of Mormon and write my thoughts about the reading. Then, I have to do my Infectious Disease homework on top of O-chem. I still love going to BJJ and think about it more and more. I check into gamespot and gametrailers almost daily to see what's new. I read my scriptures and try to write in one of my blogs daily. I like reading other people's blogs too. I might get distracted and be obsessed about one thing for a whole or part of a day like Stargate. Right now, I should go to bed because I'm going to get less than six hours of sleep. I still need to read my scriptures.

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